Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist

Okay, ego aside, Moxie motivation has waned. Seriously. I'd like to know if the recent drop in comments reflects over all readership, or just shy lurkers who don't comment. Now, I am no comment whore, so my only motivation is to ask if there's anything I can do content-wise or format-wise that would reignite the fire under you guys.

I really welcome feedback, so let's hear it.

Okay so this morning, I really meant to use the bathroom, but got sidetracked by:

-Fragile garments strewn about, begging to be hung on one of the 12 white hangers I've freed up by purging my ridiculous closet.

-Aligning the garbage and recycling cans.

-Checking shower liners for the first hint of that insidious pink scum. So far, safe.

-A furious assault on my kids' candy bag in the cupboard, tearing it open ravenously, prepared to fill my gullet with Airheads, Red Vines, whatever, only to discover firecrackers. Shit.

-Massage various fruits to line them up in priority of what needs to be eaten first and what is so far gone that Todd will have to them, lol.

-Wiped down the counter, waiting for toast, making my shake, swallowing baseball-sized vitamins.

-Wrote myself a downright abusive note to finish horrendous paperwork online.

-Kids' chore lists.

After the dentist appointment during which I will find out that due to their error I will have to endure (and pay for) a root canal:

-Finish cleaning under all cabinets.

-Go through kids' clothes. They've each grown a foot.

-Dig through their bunk beds to retrieve at least three of my 45 stolen book lights.


-Organize and clean school/craft shelf.

-Perhaps bleach kitchen floor again.

-Various things that will call out to me throughout the day.


-Clean your kitchen to your favourite tunes.

-Put that washer to use.

-Pick up errant jackets, shoes, books, pythons, etc. off the floor.

-Make all beds.

-Wipe all knobs.

-Rearrange two pieces of furniture.

Make me proud Moxlings. :)


  1. I'm going to tackle the fridge! Wish me luck.
    And my lint photos are on the way!

    Amy (D.B.)

  2. i haven't been commenting because, well, i haven't been cleaning much. demerits for me, right? i put things into my recently shelved craft closet, but it needs more organizing. i spruced up one bathroom yesterday. it looks better but was not a full someone-is-coming-i-really-need-to-work cleaning. i have lots of organizing to do in closets, that is my task for the summer and i plan to get started today. also do some laundry.

  3. Lurker reporting for duty!

    Your blog makes me laugh and inspires me to get moving!

    I will do today's challenges!

    Aleane in AZ

  4. After your comment last night I'll delurk ;)
    Not promising I will get much done today between chiro and massage appointments and meeting with insurance agents, but I will try!
    Laundry is already started and floors are already cleaned for the day. Not sure I could bleach my floors though. How on earth do you stand that smell?
    Hope your dentist appointment goes well <3

  5. I've been lurking and hella busy. Some days it's cleaning, some days it's work, some days it's kids, today it is 3 hours spent on looking for keys that I still can't find, giving up on life and convinced that every f'n day it's gotta be f'n something...........dammit!!!
    Regardless, it's not you, promise! ;)

  6. Well, I wish I could say I cleaned something, but I haven't. I just spent three days holding a baby over a potty, seems that's all she wants to do these past three days, plus she is super fussy. And I'm back from a trip to the ER, poor kid was gasping for air. How can I even think about cleaning the house when she needs me this much? Anyone have a high needs baby and got the house clean or am I the only one with a collection of dust bunnies under my bed?

  7. Shy one here. Your cleaning notes are hilarious and inspire me to dream about cleaning...I have absolutely no time between my toddler and 6 year old. Whatever I clean, they swiftly unclean. So it is midnight cleaning by candelight and nary a drop of music--just the refridge purring my ears buzzing from the days tormenting noise.

  8. Sorry, I also dropped back into lurkdom. :(

    Family in town, busy-ness going on... it's no excuse, but it's all I've got.

    Lucy- I had a high needs baby (10 years ago, next week!!!)... cleaning? HA! Take care of your little one first. The best thing though, to streamline, is to simply get rid of as much as you can. I'm still working on that myself.