Thursday, July 9, 2009

There You Are Thursday

I've concocted a brilliant notion. I decided if I post your comments, and you saw your name in lights, it might inspire you to continue to share. Pretty amazing aren't I?

Your comments from yesterday:

Amy said...

I'm going to tackle the fridge! Wish me luck.
And my lint photos are on the way!

Amy (D.B.)
July 8, 2009 7:33 AM

Amy-Always eager to support a Moxling venturing into that haven of strangely-couloured things in Tupperware, things covered, or half-covered in foil, three containers of sour cream, etc. Good job. I'm coming, yes sir yes sir, for my bags of laundry wool!

gail said...

i haven't been commenting because, well, i haven't been cleaning much. demerits for me, right? i put things into my recently shelved craft closet, but it needs more organizing. i spruced up one bathroom yesterday. it looks better but was not a full someone-is-coming-i-really-need-to-work cleaning. i have lots of organizing to do in closets, that is my task for the summer and i plan to get started today. also do some laundry.
July 8, 2009 7:41 AM

Gail-Just make sure the towel is straight, lol. :)

Anonymous said...

Lurker reporting for duty!

Your blog makes me laugh and inspires me to get moving!

I will do today's challenges!

Aleane in AZ
July 8, 2009 7:53 AM

Aleane-Welcome. I aim to make people laugh even more than to clean. Thank you for your kind words. Good job tackling today's challenges, hope you feel clean overcoming your house soon. :)

Susannah said...

After your comment last night I'll delurk ;)
Not promising I will get much done today between chiro and massage appointments and meeting with insurance agents, but I will try!
Laundry is already started and floors are already cleaned for the day. Not sure I could bleach my floors though. How on earth do you stand that smell?
Hope your dentist appointment goes well <3
July 8, 2009 11:13 AM

Susannah-Chiropractor? Massage? I have no sympathy. Plus I've seen your house and you're ahead of the game. But thank you for emerging and announcing your readership. How do I stand the smell? I would drink it!!! Welcome!

Karinda said...

I've been lurking and hella busy. Some days it's cleaning, some days it's work, some days it's kids, today it is 3 hours spent on looking for keys that I still can't find, giving up on life and convinced that every f'n day it's gotta be f'n something...........dammit!!!
Regardless, it's not you, promise! ;)

Karinda-I'm with you on giving up on life, and yet even as I am filled to the brim with indifference and defeat, I still find myself polishing cupboards. Oh well, I guess we keep living and keep cleaning. You've certainly got a lot on your plate and I'm impressed you get anything done, let alone everything! You go girl!
July 8, 2009 6:24 PM

Lucy C said...

Well, I wish I could say I cleaned something, but I haven't. I just spent three days holding a baby over a potty, seems that's all she wants to do these past three days, plus she is super fussy. And I'm back from a trip to the ER, poor kid was gasping for air. How can I even think about cleaning the house when she needs me this much? Anyone have a high needs baby and got the house clean or am I the only one with a collection of dust bunnies under my bed?
July 8, 2009 9:26 PM

Welcome Lucy-Thanks for your comment. Babies first. Always. The rest will be waiting, unfortunately. :) Hope everyone's on the mend and that we can soon inspire you to make the most of the time your wee one affords you.


The place is pretty tidy but I could spend hours just straightening, as in, making things symmetrical, so I will always find something. This morning I found:

-Crooked throw blankets screaming for rescue.

-Assorted urgent things on the counter, splayed out all cattywampus style.

-Made shake, choked down pills.

-Wiped down kitchen, always irritated to leave the sink empty at night and be greeted by uninvited dishes in the morning. Do we have middle-of-the-night company or what?

-Rotated laundry.


-Wipe down entry way we don't use, a veritable rabbit hole of dust bunnies.

-Wipe down anything with a screen.

-Organize old phontographs with which my mom assaults me every time I see her.

-Wipe down cords underneath both computers.


-Clean laundry room.

-Check for smudges on windows.

-Rearrange shoe rack in my closet. Apparently "shoes" is open to interpretation.


-Basics basic basics.

-Wiped down you stove top/oven, range hood, etc. Use the orange scrubby Kirkland wipes. You will thank me.

-Wipe down front door, sweep steps, sweep entryway, hang coats.

-Take a look in your hall closet. Are you throwing things in there like old tax forms, deflated inner tubes, soccer balls, and other haphazard things which are not coats, umbrellas, nor shoes? If so, get on it. That is unacceptable!

-Any bookshelves need organizing?

-I hear your bathrooms asking for make-overs. Get out your Ajax, coat your sink, toilet, tub, and know that before nightfall, it will all be scrubbed. It can't hurt to wash that mat again and sweep the floor underneath too right? Don't neglect behind the toilet or it will creep into your room and strangle you.

-Do a brief check of your Tupperware and miscellaneous pots/pans cupboard and TRY to five 3-5 items you do not need/use. I just did this. It was so amazing. My whole house felt lighter. Also, these items can be of great use to others.

That's a hefty list, I encourage you all to do it. A couple hours tops, stopping to make PB&J, etc. I will literally extend a standing ovation to anyone who does these things.

You guys rock rock rock!


  1. I have pictures I took of mid- and post-process getting my house ready for family visitors that I keep meaning to post. They haven't made it off my camera yet.

    It's not you, I'm just an inveterate lurker. Plus I don't clean nearly enough. But you do remain inspiring!

    Lots of laundry to do today - DD is teething, and producing drool stools, thereby requiring me to run a diaper load for the second day in a row. Also needed are regular clothes and a wool load - soakers + drool stool = uck.

  2. Katie-Glad you could drop by the ol' ghost town. I value stellar vocabulary just as much as cleaning so your use of inveterate makes you a Moxling in my book. :)

  3. I love the name in lights idea!