Sunday, August 2, 2009

Make My Monday

Moxieclean is undergoing some technical difficulty, but Moxie has every faith in your ability to remain on course until the necessary repairs can be made. You are encouraged to post your efforts as always, and to stay somewhere in the vicinity of the track.

-Keep on top of your laundry. Run your dryer at night.

-Use minimal, or preferably paper, plates. Allow dirty dishes only in the left side of the sink so as to make washing easier.

-Drink water until you drown.

-Keep kitchen clean and make easy meals. Or no meals, and let everyone forage.

-Keep floors clean.

-Ditto rug and mats.

-Make your bathroom something about which to be proud. Or at least me.

-Empty all waste baskets and main garbage, spraying all with something lemon-scented before relining.

-Find one eyesore to pick on. Unless it's me. I ain't up for that shit.

Go at your own pace. Hug your kids. A lot. But still have them help. Make use of your movements.

I'd like everyone to submit a list of their least favourite tasks in order from worst to ... less worst. Feel free to elaborate. I want to know where the stumbling blocks lie so that cleaning isn't the grim reaper following you around all day.

This ought to keep you busy until the entertainment portion of our routine can be revived. Thank you for your patience, and I am, as always, so proud of all your hard work.


  1. First Chey, have a hug, cos I love you and I give awesome hugs. (honest, I do)

    Second, my least favorite chores? Wow, ok let's brainstorm, counting down from 5 baby:

    5)Scrubbing bathtubs and showers - I dunno, it's just one of those things I put off until I sigh and think ''Fine, I'll do it since we won't actually GET clean in a dirty tub''

    4)Toilets - because I know what goes on in there! I clean mine regularly but still, it's not a job I love.

    3)Cleaning windows. I dunno, it's just not something that turns me on ya know? I usually put that job off until I look out and think ''huh, that's the 5th day of gloom. oh wait, no that's the fucking window''

    2)Cleaning out the car. Good god, it's something I have to really really get motivated for. I drag Mr Dyson outside and he and I both have a moan over the shit that gets in the car. I hate it, hate it hate it.

    1)Mowing the lawn. Cos if I have to drag my motherfuckin' ass outside and mow it myself I am usually so infused with anger that HE didn't get around to doing it and that now my lawn looks like a goddamn jungle with monkeys and shit actually eating bananas outside. I usually swear to a point I kick the lawnmower hating it's guts for existing and that fuckin grass that insists on growing JUST TO PISS ME OFF and there is no way that JERKASS is getting ANY DINNER TONIGHT let alone SEX and he can SUCK MY BIG ASS TOE later!!!!!!

    So yeah there's a few things I hate doing :)

  2. Haha! Mesina, you're a crack-up!

    My least favorite chores. . .

    #1 Pretty much anything that doesn't result in some form of instant gratification

    #2 Cleaning up after pets who can't seem to figure out the difference between grass and my carpet! :-<

    #3 emptying the dishwasher

    #4 folding and putting away laundry

    #5 scrubbing floors-in order to do this properly it requires me crawling on the floor on my hands and knees-ouch. IF I make the mistake of trying to do this standing, I am nearly ALWAYS disappointed.

  3. I HATE picking up the random clutter that my kids leave behind. Usually it ends up on different parts of the floor, so I am constantly having to bend over. And I also HATE laundry. My husband used to do it, but he has been working lots lately and has passed the buck on to me.


  4. #1 Bathrooms. All of it, toilet, showers, scrubbing. They are gross and they are always dirty even in clean homes. I just hate deep cleaning in general and the definition of bathroom cleaning is deep cleaning on a regular basis. It pisses me off!

    #2 ANY deep cleaning. Stoves, fridge, underneath stuff.

    #3 Dusting and Maintenance. That regular crap that you have to do all the time yet it's never done. Like every time C says go around w/ wet rag, I'm thinking F U and the wet rag you rode in on cuz it is ENDLESS. The dust accumulates daily and I have old crappy furniture that makes it more obvious.

    I enjoy laundry, dishes, general pick-up (toys), and I really get off on organization. Also, I am dying to come mow Mesina's lawn like RIGHT NOW!
    Do you wanna know why? Too bad, I'm gonna tell you anyway. Exercise sucks. It is stupid, it is pointless, it is irritating. Walking when there is no destination, swimming in LAPS?!!? These things drive me insane yet I still like to complain about my cottage cheese bum. Anyway, mowing the lawn is like exercise that has a point. The grass is getting cut AND I'm moving my body, utilizing my muscles. It is very satisfying.

  5. Karinda-I'm totally with you with regards to lawnmowing!

    Sadly, exercise is something that I've put off for too long. . . I too was anti-exercise FOREVER but now I go to get out of the house and honestly, it's worth it just to feel better mentally! (Never thought I'd say that!)

  6. Chey-

    Congrats on your cleaning accomplishments and welcome back!

    Thanks for the tips. . . the girls don't know what's coming, hehehe! Do you employ a reward system of any kind? Or are they just supposed to help out as productive members of the family?