Saturday, August 29, 2009

Survey Says: SATURDAY!

Suffice it to say, none of you apathetic bitches will keep me from frolicking in my Saturday mania, but y'all like, evaporate on weekends. I'm totally not judging (more than 60%) but I want your input on whether or not to take weekends off from Moxing. If you say yes I will slit my wrists, but I will do it, out of respect for whatever shit is more important than your dishes.

So weigh in. I needs to know. I get texts and emails from people feeling behind, and that is not the point of Moxieclean. I aim to encourage, advise in a non-ego-maniacal manner, offer tips, praise, and abuse the blog as a platform for my jokes and whatever-isms.

M-F MOXIE or MOXIETIME all the time?

Mes-In case you didn't believe me:


  1. I come here every day, seeing that on weekends I am stuck near the pc having to work 8 hours anyway! I just can't join in the cleaning fun unless I sit here on my ass and shout out orders for the two other people capable of actually cleaning. So I'm not a M-F Moxling, just one that cleans only on those days.

    Do I totally count?!

    Damn you got so much done yesterday Chey! Read through your list of ''I just cleaned the world'' and WHOA!! Yet still today you will find stuff to clean? Eh? I'm totally telling Maurice he is your desktop...muahh ahhh!!! We went out with friends last night and let me just say...damn he looked good. *faint*

  2. Seriously? You have to ask? I need a list. My vote is "MOXIETIME all the time". And someday I might actually meet all the challenges daily again :)

  3. i admit, and am sure you know, i don't clean much on the weekends. maybe a chore here and there, but i mainly do cleaning during the week. i look forward to your posts every day though <3

  4. Moxietime all the time!

  5. All the time. Even though I only do housework sporadically.

    Actually, I tend to do dishes on Saturday morning, kind of "paying" for taking myself off to knitting for the afternoon. So I have laundry and dishes both going atm, and am set up to do the second round of dishes when this finishes. (well, need to prep a couple of big pots... but that won't take much time).

    Of course, I likely won't *fold* the laundry for a couple more days...

  6. MOXIETIME all the time! I work during the week and hit it hard on Saturdays.

  7. HAHAHAH!!!! Oooh if you had seen Maurice's face when I was laughing at him on your desktop...he very cooly replied ''Uhh thats me'' with the little blushy smile on his face afterwards I know he was flattered!

    And so am I! cute is that? Your desktop hunk. Rawr! xx