Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday for Weaklings

Yesterday was clutter with a chance of dishes. Kind of a weird day. Quinn, our dish-meister, was of course gone building nuclear weapons so I had to gaze upon the leaning tower of cups every time I entered the kitchen, until his candy ass finally got home and did his chores.

I was up early, did amazing things, fell asleep, awoke to randomness, like the mangoes, went to an appointment, had company, and then went to Debe's to compare hues of our respective blue periods.

Truth be told it was a really shit day. None of my cleaning made sense, so of course 700 people came over and needed to use the bathroom. Late in the day I was presented with the pink roses (my all-time favourite) pictured above, but all things considered, they made me feel worse.

Today we have company in the morning (who asks to come over at 10:00am???) which means I'll be Cinderella from 6:00am on, then an appt. in the afternoon, then bring up the caboose of the house, which will have undoubtedly accumulated piles and specks onto every surface.


-Refold blankets in living room, OCD-style.

-De-clutter counter, put roses on the dining room table.

-Wipe the kitchen floor, all 11 corners.

-Clean and organize my glove compartment, which is really more of an actual apartment. Do I really need to save every empty Starbucks gift card my kids have given me over five years? But but...

-Console too. Goddamn Sharpies, taking over my life like locusts.

-Clear off refrigerator, Todd has gotten a little crazy with coupons.

-Sift through more disks.

-Empty shredder.

-Deal with recycling.

That's it.


-Kick some laundry ass.

-Don't let the dishes stack up. Tame them. Show them who's boss.

-Wipe down toilets.

-Wipe down all sinks.

-Windex your mirrors.

-Put all clothes away whether they just came from the dryer or the Stone Age. Do it.

-Change sheets?

-Throw 20 things away.

That wasn't so bad right?


  1. Tiredness is once again my best friend and thus I am getting cleaning done in bits and bobs today. I get up, I clean something, then find myself slumped on the sofa begging for the energy fairy to pay me a visit. That biatch hasn't showed up in 3 feckin days. I am however not allowing it to beat me! NEVAH!
    So I'm doing laundry...folding, threatening to put it all away in one go so that I have minimal trips up the staircase.
    I'm sorting the kitchen out. Since WW3 will break out if it's not done. I LOATHE a dirty kitchen.
    Maybe I'll dump some bleach down the toilet and smell in there later and pretend I scrubbed it.
    I'll probably vaccum. Since I cannot stand the crap possibly sticking to my feet if I don't. Eww.
    I will defo nap. Sleep. And occasionally look up from my slumber on the sofa and shout out things like ''Share with your Sister!'' ''Knock it off you guys!'' ''QUIET!'' and then mumble for calgon to take me away.
    This growing a baby shit is tiring. zzzzzzzzz

  2. finally washed my shower curtain today, sans bleach, but it still looks better. wiped down bathroom but ignored the tub/shower. took out all trash. am working on the downstairs bathroom, put dishes away. will probably sweep, again!, today as the dust is never ending. sigh.

  3. By the time I left for work this morning I had:
    kicked laundry ass, tamed dishes, wiped down toilet, and changed sheets. The rest will have to wait until after work as will the painting I never started last night.

  4. Mesina-Don't work my baby too hard. On the other hand, you've got some serious OCD brain chemistry surging through you right now so don't be surprised if you find yourself cleaning your car with a Q-Tip or some shit, even if you can't drive. Also, you may develop a propensity for symmetry, straightening, etc. I told you what we're having right? Please don't "smell in there later," lest I vomit everywhere. Just trust the bleach, though I recommens Ajax or Soft Scrub for toilets, since bleach is beautiful but not a cleaning agent.

    I love "Share with your sister!"

    Gail-I like your shower/tub snub. I hope you said something mean. I heart taking out all trash. We must outsmart this dust, we are hella smart.

    Susannah-Damn. What time did you wake up? Never, because you never slept? Awesome way to start the day. Painting overwhelms me but mostly I can't stop thinking about the spider and vote for you moving.

    I crashed at 3am, arose at 6am with so much energy I looked for signs of a Red Bull IV or some shit but it was all me baby. I made my bed, started remaining laundry, swept laundry room, shook out bath mats, scrubbed sink, toilet, tub/shower, plus tension rod thing, scrubbed kitchen on my hands and knees, then counters, sinks, organized recycling, dusted rearranged computer desk, and wiped down the top of the refrigerator, using a scary-ass stool to get every inch. I did all of this in 20 minutes.

    After my appointment I will get serious.

  5. So far today:

    ~Washed all sheets, blankets
    ~Made beds
    ~Load of Dishes
    ~Cleaned up after triple toddler playdate :)
    ~3 Loads of Laundry (not including bedding)

    Other plans include:

    ~Emptying dishwasher
    ~A little more specific toddler hurricane organization
    ~Trying to get new hangers as toddler has too many hang up clothes and too small of room for a dresser.
    ~Having a Baby
    (if I just start putting it on the list, I *have* to do it, right?!?! That *is* how OCD works!!)

  6. Karinda-Is you crazy? Well, is you? Aren't you supposed to be lying in your endlessly knotted hammock listening to Enya and sipping a mint julep with drops of castor oil in it or something? OMG. But dang, way to haul that kid around and get some shit done woman!

  7. Yeah, at most I slept three hours last night. I think it was probably more like two. Painting *is* overwhelming, which is why I still have not started that project. I took on project "Talk to Mom for an hour and a half" instead tonight. I kid you not, everytime I think about going in that bathroom I worry I'll find another huge spider. Ugh.

    Karinda - keep going at this rate and your baby will be here any minute :)