Monday, August 17, 2009

Triumphant Tuesday

One of the things I hate is when we run the dishwasher while Quinn is a) gone, or b) asleep, and he is always gone or asleep, and there are dishes in the sink, mating and laughing in my face. Sometimes I force him to unload it at midnight, and other times, like last night, when he's building rockets and shit at Israel's house, I have to pull out the drying rack and resort to the olden days.

Last night. Notice Reilly lighting incense for ambiance, as it was just us girls, but she is also reaching for a Kirkland wipe. I love my kids!

Today I have a midday appointment so my cleaning will be divided into morning tasks:

-Laundry. (Wtf?)

-Put away dishes.

-De-clutter counter after sifting through a sea of coupons.

-Dust (and scream and say What! The! Fuck!)

-Make kids' chore charts.

-Clear my bookcase, run the lint roller over the runner.

Post appointment:

-Put away my clothes, on real hangers, unlike the haphazard style Debe saw. Oy.

-Clean out refrigerator, see if shelves fit in dishwasher. That would be sweet.

-Change sheets.

-Draw my sword and defeat the "swap" chaos.


-The laundry saga, chapter 4894575.

-The dishes, five at a time, keep them on the left. Soak pans, clean stove top, you know what to do.

-Anyone who is not pregnant wipe down your kitchen and bathrooms on your hands and knees, extra points for bleach. Once you do it, you'll never go back.

-While you have the bleach out, let's see some sink action. You will thank me, hopefully with pastry.

-Pick 20 things up from where they don't belong.

-Assign each capable child 5-10 tasks. For non capable children, 2 tasks.

-Wipe doorknobs, I am so serious.

-Clean the front of your oven with Windex and see if any windows get jealous.

Chillax. You done good. OMG Bethany that was painful. Get to it, and post!


  1. A good habit is everyone washing hands each time they come home from anywhere.

  2. I cleaned the bathroom downstairs, I windexed my windows, made my bed, vaccumed, cleaned the kitchen including moving everything on the counters and wiping behind, I'm still doing laundry (like when does that ever not happen?!) and now I'd very much like a nap before my company gets here. But like that's gonna happen!!

    So I'm thinking, Chey I could just come to your house and crash for a bit yeah? Please? Like, now? Great I'll bring a pillow and a blanket and we'll hit Starbucks after my nap and eat ice cream together. Done deal!! xx

  3. Mom-OMG this had better be happening by rote at this point! I know my kids are doing it.

    Mesina-Come rest my pretty, and we'll do whatever you want until our baby is born. Much love. <3

  4. Going knitting at Stacey's this morning to keep her company and distract her a bit.

    Later: still have to fold all that laundry. I have a load I could wash, too. Could probably do dishes as well.

  5. it's tuesday? how am i always one day behind? i am not doing shit since i thought it was monday.

  6. Katie-I suppose knitting keeps the mess to a dull roar, eh? Cleaning aside, I applaud anyone brave enough to commit their hands to something with a toddler. I'll be folding laundry with you later. :)

    Debe-Because x,y, and z are fucking with the time and space continuum? Thought I might come do nothing with you later and have an underwear party, 'cause I ain't gettin' dressed 'n shit.

    This morning I got up so hella early, emptied all garbage, wiped down kitchen, ate, blogged, emailed Gail, dusted, got all laundry ready to fold, and then passed out to Mariska and ran away with her, only to wake up to Todd shoving a Costco sized (800 gallons) bag of dried mango in my face, nicely, when what I asked for was the dried berries. In case you're wondering how I handled that, well, you know me. Okay off to fold and see where Mariska takes me next...

  7. Somehow it is much easier to keep things clean when monster boy isn't around :(

    Now I'm just waiting until midnight when the temperature *might* drop to 80 before I start painting my bathroom. Ugh and sigh and all that.

  8. Today I:

    ~Vacuumed living room

    The End

  9. Karinda wins.

    We went to playdate in the morning, swam in the afternoon, and went for DIA CHAR LIIIIIIIM AID!! (Yes, my child can now order a Diet Cherry Limeade. I'm so proud.) It's really sad when I am giddy about being social because it means that can I avoid the mess of my house. Sigh.

    Made significant head way in the kitchen. There might be mopped floors by morning. Did laundry. Made a pathway to my side of the bed instead of hopping over books for another night :) I'm getting there.

  10. Susannah-OMG I cannot even fathom painting.

    Karinda-What the fuck? Is this a trick? Like Groundhog Day? You're practically a legend at this point. By the time Baby is born s/he'll be older than Kyla.

    Bethany-Why does she drink diet? Also, you've unearthed one of my secrets--being gone a lot! Congrats on all your work. Most importantly, books are neither dirt nor clutter!