Friday, September 11, 2009

For the Love of Friday

Round two of in-home induction was halted last night so Deb is going to try again today, and I have of course availed myself unto her, and will simply clean and pace until she's ready.

I am ecstatic to report that thanks to her encouragement, I exchanged the hideous bed set I bought and went through the many circles of hell involved in getting my new one. Pics to follow.

Today my expectations are low:

-Make bed.


-Make chore lists for the kids.

-Print, set out, possibly do lessons with kids.

-Assemble new comforter, which may involve a manic urge to rearrange the entire bedroom.


-Restock some shit, like napkins, and tp, and make sure all hand towels are clean and perfectly straight, as Gail will die if they are askew. ;)

-Lint roll the ottomans, throw rug, and blinds.

-Scrub bay window.

-Fold laundry.

Play the Even god rested for a day" card, to reserve some energy for Deb.


-Bust out basics.

-Set your timer to spend 45, yes 45 minutes in your kitchen. I promise this means sitting indian-style on the floor. I want you to cull out unnecessary, lid-less Tupperware, extraneous dishes, clean under the sink (consolidate solvents), peek in the drawers and un-randomize them, get a sudsy rag and wipe your floor, wipe down garbage can, and if you really want to wow me, take the grill off the refrigerator and clean that shit out. OMG pull the stove out! OMGG! Knock out a wall and expand. Or just do what you can. Clean kithens = happy moms. Happy moms = happy Moxies. And it is all about me

-General pick up, lazy spiff.


Song: P!NK: Funhouse.


  1. OMG I beat Mesina! Mesina are you okay? Check in soon.

    I couldn't sleep. I was up late cleaning/worrying/pacing, and early to rise to do it all over. This morning I have made my bed, eaten, sorted last basket of clean laundry, put last load of dirty clothes into washer (why hello bottoms of sorters!), scrubbed kitchen sink, swept kitchen, swept laundry room, outwitted someone, and took the glass out to recycling. Busy day ahead, gotta keep things ship shape.

  2. My heart and positive energy go out to Debe.

    Meanwhile, on the homefront, I have been struggling to find the focus that will allow me to stay on task long enough to open up a can of whoop-ass on my house. It's catch-22. Can't focus when the house is dissheveled, can't stay on task to clean the house when I can't focus....argh!

  3. Cheyenne-Wow you are awesome, especially exchanging the comforters. You are an example to all that seemingly insurmountable tasks can be done when DebE is outside in the car telling you to hurry up with your shit. And the laundry, wow. Hugs.

    Dawna-Did you get that can open?

    Debe-What e bitch? In your name? You is Deb when I want.

    Dawna-Exactly, isn't she a picky bitch?

    Love to all.

    Off to frantically await the dawn scrubbing in silence and darkness.