Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thufferin' Thursday

Two things:

1. Debe has begun the induction process so I am asking for your strongest mama support as she and Kris embark on this difficult experience. As such, my cleaning has screeched to a halt, aside from what I can accomplish while running, like Flo-Jo, through my house. Which is actually a lot, but my heart's not so much in it.

2. Mom and others, our resident hero Sam has diagnosed what is likely to be the commenting problem, and had this to say:

"As for the commenting problem: I was having the same issue with not being able to copy/paste and/or the damn thing just eating my comment completely. I discovered that I have to be signed in before starting to comment for it to work right. So, I don't use the links from FB that you post, as that doesn't sign me in. I go to my blogger dashboard first and then to Moxieclean. No problems since."


-Make bed.


-Show my kitchen who's yo daddy?

-Rotate and spay and neuter the laundry.

-Sweep floors.

-De-clutter the shit out of EVERYTHING.

-Spot check.

-Make chore lists and lessons for the kids.



-Basics with a bang.

-De-clutter like the psycho that I am.

-Clean Sam's desk.

-Wipe appliances.

-Get rid of three things that you've been meaning to toss, and I don't care if they go in the wrong debris bin. This is a cleaning blog, not an environmental blog. Ugh, just kidding. I am really careful, but if that's your barrier, just get the shit out.

-Wash all throw rugs, mats, etc. because you don't have enough laundry.

-Organize one bitch of a cupboard/shelf/whatever, and SEND PICS!

-Think of Debe, our amazing cleanstress, and her family. Thanks guys.

Would you think less of me if I suggested playing MMMBop again?


  1. Muhallhglhajfkayuakehe....FUCK SLEEP!!!!!!!!

    That's about as coherant as I'm going to get today, since i had yet another rough night of sleep. I couldn't settle. My brain just went all...OOOH you want Sleeeeep?! ok just don't forget to think about these million things floating in the back of your mind first K!? It was hell. Me and my brain were at war and today it's decided it's too tired and needs a vacation.
    My brain is not allowed to vacation without me! *sigh*

    Cleaning, today, is whatever energy I can muster in between naps. That's it. Stupid body, stupid epilepsy, stupid brain!

    Love you ♥

  2. thinking of, and praying for, debe and kris today. i think i'll wash my rugs too...maybe.

  3. Debe and family will be in my thoughts today as well.

    As for cleaning... I don't know what will get done yet. To do lists don't ever seem to work for me, so I gave up on them.

  4. Since my mama can't keep up with the cleaning even though I DEMAND it every morning, I invited my friends over for tomorrow to motivate her. This morning we have: attacked laundry mountain, dismantled the kitchen (I helped by watching little bear and then by wiping cabinets), and started in on the living room. Right now, I am dusting all the surfaces in my play room while Mama types.



  5. Mesina-I sooo this new fad, I believe to have been originated by Debe, of blurting a random series of shit when feeling at a loss for what to say. I especially love it from you, since you always know what to say. I also love fuck. I hate the Midnight Million Things Monster. :( Kudos for what you got done.

    Gail-Debe would love the randomness of that. I especially like the libran 'maybe,' you rebel you...

    Sam-It's okay, you *always* get the things done that must get done. You're boss like that.

    Tavy-You can always come live here, sans Little Bear, I done did my time with him. Bring wipes!

    You guys are doing great, it's a tough time.

    I'm keeping things afloat but I don't know how. I managed to let every single garment I own get dirty which meant that a) I had to spend 7,900 hours hanging them by hand, and b) have been cruising the strip in my underwear.

    I do the dishes each morning and night, when I run home to change. I throw things away when no one's looking, I make things symmetrical, I sweep, wipe, fold, and endure one of the most entertaining follies of my life to acquire, at long last, the comforter I wanted. Thanks to Debe. To be fair, Todd pitches in round the clock and the kids are kickin' up the chores, but the homestead is in tact, and we're even doing our school work. Now, back to Deb.