Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little Whine on Wednesday

First and foremost, can anyone help with Moxieclean's comment-astrophe? Several Moxlings are experiencing trouble commenting, and I fear are on the brink of giving up. We mustn't allow this.

Does anyone have the technical prowess to investigate this for the good of clean houses everywhere?

Today it seems as though every single corner needs my attention. This morning I have:

-Been awakened by a nearly-deal-breaking text message.

-Eaten. A soy yogurt and a lemon cucumber.

-Swept and Swiffed.

-Took mental inventory and devised the following list for today (deep breaths):


-Laundry, including a load of whites to be bleached.

-Wash bath mats, sweep bathroom floors.

-Scrub all sinks.

-Wipe down toilets.

-Wash windows/mirrors.


-Tidy up both computer areas, which are starting to test my patience with prolific pen breeding and asymmetrical Post-Its.

-Wipe down kitchen.

-Make lists for kids.

-Lessons with kids.

-Yesterday Reilly and Quinn got under Rei's bed to retrieve a slipper and I just read that Governor Kulongoski has issued a state of emergency in their room. Sweet baby Jesus. Did you know that toilet paper squares can be blankets for families of pipe cleaners? I was so excited about this. Also every Star Wars Micro Machine needed to be culled out, apparently, for the retrieval of the slipper to be a success. Also, she has nine pairs of slippers, could she not have found a replacement? In short, their room is an honest-to-god shit hole disaster, and I will not rest until they clean it so thoroughly Mesina could sniff the carpets and smile. My kids love Febreze.

-Empty all wastebaskets.

-Mail out our thank-you cards to my aunt who sent everyone belated (or early) birthday cash. My kids have to send thank yous before they spend the money.

-Change sheets? See if Debe can talk me into returning the bed set I just got and getting the one I really want, which she was bitch enough to get (kidding, I forced her), and now I'm jealous. Oh how I loathe repackaging bedding, and how I hate JC Penneys.

-De-clutter refrigerator.

-Contemplate coffee.

For my troops:

-No falling against Sam's desk!

-Basics like this: Get laundry started (is my loin cloth idea ever going to catch on?). do the dishes, wipe down sink, counters, under canisters, de-clutter, wipe down cupboard faces, appliances, and get the floor sniffably clean.

-Check your bathrooms. Need a little Ajax, or Earth-Love Scrub or whatever you use? Time for the sprinkle commitment? If there is any pink in your shower/tub, get sprinkling! And toss in the bath mats and sweep/Swiff while you're there.

-Do a thorough cobweb check, been seeing an abundance of these in unnamed houses. Also, an insurgence of big fucking brown spiders, could someone come shake out all my clothes each morning before I put them on?

-Dust 10 obvious things (photos on the wall, tables, pianos, etc.)

-Remove five things from your computer area.

-Clear and clean all surfaces.

-Remove or rearrange one significantly sized thing from your house, something that will make your eyes say "ahhhhhhh."

If you do a really thorough job on those things you'll be sitting pretty, and more importantly, I'll be happy.


  1. Ok so, are people having trouble commenting because of the same prob I had on my blog? The word verification cutting off so you can't actually verify it? If so, it's a blogger issue and they keep thinking they fix it. The only way round is to either take off word verification off totally and allow free commenting. OR, moderate your comments which is what I currently do atm. If people were emailing you saying what's happening then I'd be happy to look up a soltuion for you. I'm not too bad with a pc :)

    Today I didn't get loads done in the way of cleaning since I have done quite a bit the last few days. Tiredness has sunk in today and I've been about as worthless as a penny in today's market. So I did the basics this morning and spent the rest of it snuggled up to my little Willow watching some television and playing. We did this up until Papa got home and then we all got ready and went to the midwife together. We now have so much reading material, I'm pretty sure I'll be a qualified Midwife myself by week 40.
    As far as you not sure about me bending down to sniff floors while carrying our baby... well I don't know what to say other than we should take pictures of me doing that from now until the end of the pregnancy and watch my ass widen each month. That could be fun! xx

  2. right away this morning i got laundry started and took out all trash. i put clean sheets on 2 beds (i really enjoy that chore) and folded towels. that's pretty much where my cleaning stalled. oh, i did sweep a little. i need to go unload the dishwasher/put dishes away yet today. know what i really really need to do? dust (ack!) all of the slats on my louvered doors. sound fun? sounds like a punishment chore for the kids. i knew you'd be excited about those tp blankets ;)

  3. My desk is a deadly weapon, in more ways than one! ;)

    We went to the coast today, so the kids did some dishes... and that's about it for chores around here.

    As for the commenting problem: I was having the same issue with not being able to copy/paste and/or the damn thing just eating my comment completely. I discovered that I have to be signed in before starting to comment for it to work right. So, I don't use the links from FB that you post, as that doesn't sign me in. I go to my blogger dashboard first and then to Moxieclean. No problems since.


  4. Mesina-I'm not sure the error people are encountering. Perhaps someone can specify? Either that or ask my mum, she's complaining the most.

    Glad you got some snuggle time, I can't believe Willow won't be your baby anymore!

    And I will take any shots of your ass I can get.

    Gail-Way to start off with a bang. Do you really love changing sheets? I despise it. OMG have fun with the slats (pukes). You rock as always. Fix the towels in what are apparently your 45 bathrooms. <3

    Sam-OMG your desk, lol. I think of it often. So glad you went to the coast, as that is the best remedy for the desk (truly), and like thank the lord that you seem to have answered the comment issue. I will post it because I have no idea the manner in which my libran mother navigates anything, lol. Thanks.

    Great job guys, but some of you are you MIA here, though texting. Put 'em up put 'em up!

  5. Ok, I wasn't first so in the above comment I actually got TO the word verification and thus it worked. Just to play it safe I'll try Sam's advice when next I'm inspired to be resentful in a semi-humorous way about the plain-faced yellow-bellied dreaded boring horrors of miserable repetitive and immensely disregarded and demeaned Sisyphean tasks of house cleaning again.

    But I do admit that though I haven't done more cleaning because of this great blog, you have added an element of fun to it honey and friends and when I do clean the goddamn refrigerator grill on my long-wounded knees and watch two truckloads of sentimental crap drive into the sunset toward Goodwill's and at last get to move my tv to where it belongs after 5 years because I made the Dish people come out and drill new holes for free that something is added cause I can brag about it!

    Love you and this better freaking post.