Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tiny Tuesday

Many of you have apprised me of certain circumstances wherein easing up on the stress of getting everything done might prevent a few suicides. No problemo mis amigos.

-Today at the crack I rotated the laundry that grew overnight. (Is our sorter really a petri dish?)

-Made beds.

-Made requisite protein shake.

-Folded all laundry.

-Wiped down sinks.

-Cleaned ottoman tops, which, being suede, attract every fucking nucleus of disorder on earth. Yea lint rollers!

-Made kids' chore lists.

After my JAM-PACKED DAY, I was hoping to:

-De-clutter counter.

-Mail off thank you notes.

-Continue to wage war on my computer desk.

-Scrub all floors with a toothbrush.

-Oversee Quinn's wiping down of all toilets.

-Dust photographs.

On the light menu:

-Basics bonanza!

-Clear entryway.

-20 minute full house pick-up.

-Clear stray coats, blankets, dishes.

-Make your kitchen purdy (that hurts).

That's it. A pit stop. You can do it.


  1. why can't I post a comment? i lost another really thoughtful and funny one.It won't let me copy and paste. suffice it to say I got a lot done in the re-organizing of my life including my desk and several old journals of research and made great leaps of organization toward garage-art and the backroom studio too.

    Don't try this at home with small children.(victorious smirk)

    Is there a trick to this kind of blog? Do I have to write it in Word? Maybe my computer is as old as me, motheroffuckingod. I did notice that once Mesina posted, it accepted mine. Ok, so I can't go first.

    Sorry cyberspace ate my sense of humor.


  2. Wait, I swear I saw that Mesina commented. And it's funny cause the other night I was able to finally post after it seemed someone else posted too.

    OK yes I was drinking red wine, I admit it. and still.

  3. omg I commented even before I commented?! That's so weird, it's also a bit creepy. I'm so down for that! xx

    Anywho, my day was once again full of purpose, as not working during the day now that my kiddos have returned from their holiday (once again I woop woop!)I'm finding anything in the house that remotely looks dirty and saying TAKE THAT ASSHOLE! while I spray it with disenfectant. It's working :)
    ☺ I went out into the back yard today and went *gasp horror* and armed myself with a pair of garden gloves and some garden clippers and hacked away. Here's the image for you: Me in a flowing blue flower skirt with pale blue top and white sandals deciding that right then I needed to garden. Wtf?! I regretted not changing when the blackberry bush attacked my skirt and we were at war. I hacked the bastard on the spot. This blackberry bush like snuck in the garden I swear.
    ☺ Kitchen bitches, totally got a clean again. (wasnt as bad, was so smokin after yesterday)
    ☺ Folded AND put away laundry. Cos Im awesome like that.
    ☺ Sniffed my floors after wondering where the hell that smell was coming from. Seems that our mop wasn't put to dry properly after its last use and Maurice cleaned up a spill in the livingroom yesterday. I could SMELL IT TODAY... goddamn my pregnancy hormones are AWESOME! and also really fucking annoying. Its causing me to sniff things like...dunno..THE FLOOR. *sigh*
    ☺ More laundry on the go, it's gonna be like a 3 day job at least.
    ☺ Spent the afternoon hearing all about my little man's day - his new school seems wonderful!

    And that was me today! On top of catching up with two friends via a phone call this afternoon and managing a mini power nap. Tomorrow is our first midwife appointment, so Chey I'll let you know if there's any info you need as an expectant second Mom. :) xx

  4. i'm still here and reading, but not cleaning, every day. haven't done much cleaning lately, was under the weather this weekend. i finally swept and swiffed yesterday, and cleaned 3 toilets today. i may do more bathroom cleaning, we'll see. i think washing some rugs is in order as well...

  5. Yesterday, with his help, I weeded out all the crap from my son's room. I eliminated a piece of furniture, hung a hammock for the stuffies, rearranged, made room for a new desk, vacuumed and rehung wall decoration. I now officially want to move into his room!

    I did this all while my 7500 family members hung out in the living room in various configurations.

    My BIL picked up a requested over the door shoe rack for me, assembled it, hung it up and shoes were placed on it!

    I did make a sad attempt at decluttering the top of my refrigerator and rearranged my pantry to accomodate all the new stuff moving in.

    Things will be crazy this week with school starting up and houseguests.

  6. Hm... Mom is feeling energized, having her oldest grandson home for 3.5 days, so she wanted to go shopping. But before we could do that she had to fall and bruise her spine, arm and head on my desk. But even battered and high on the extra pain meds we immediately administered, she insisted Eric take her shopping. So that is what we did.

    Then we came home, I sent both kids with their father and Eric to football practice, and in the blissful silence, Mom did an hour of dishes and I worked on laundry. I think I have officially moved out of the house and into the garage. My God, how many clothes do we have???

    And that was my day. It's amazing how much time it takes to fall, recover, shop and do laundry.

    OH!!! But the good news is Charles was appointed as co-captain of his football team! Woo!!!

  7. Mom-Perhaps you could stop telling me about these epic, hilarious, meaningful posts lost to the cyberdemons? Thanks. Your house looked hella rad last night, but why not try this with young children? If it weren't for my young children, I'd be goddamn Cinderelly all day long. No se on the comment issue, does anyone have a clue? When Mesina's blog's comment space went tits-up I almost killed myself so I totally feel your pain.

    In any case, enjoy your wine, you deserve it, the living room is fabulous--with fewer than 408 end tables!


    Mesina-That's exactly what I was thinking, lol. But I love how you'll roll, even with the paranormal, or even downright untrue.
    I was so loving the disinfectant until you became Julie of the herbs (er, bramble) in your flowy skirt being victimized by the blackberries. I forgot to metion, outside labour does nothing for me, get your ass back inside.

    Your basics rocked my world but the sniffing, um...I don't really know if I like you bending down to smell people's carpets and shit while carrying my baby...

    I'm so glad Griffin likes his school, yea! Also, enough with the friends, you have blackberried to battle and floors to sniff.

    Great post. xoxo

    Gail-There's never an urgent need in your house so the sweeping/Swiffing/tidying was sufficient I'm sure. But, don't you only have two bathrooms? Uh oh, are you wandering into people's houses to clean again? <3

    Jennifer-I'm still laughing about the card, my favourite part, not that you e asked, is "I didn't think it would matter that you weren't eight either!" Ha ha ha! Oh yeah, cleaning. OMG I love Elijah's room, I can just see it. Good job Mama, you guys should totally move in, lol.

    I adore 7,500 family members, and over-the-door shoe racks even more. Girl, yous movin' on up!

    Sad de-cluttering attempts can always be remedied. You did a lot! Movie and gin-worth. :)

    Sam-OMG is your ma okay? That is just what you guys needed. What a trouper for going shopping anyway. :) I love your blissful silence even though silence makes me want to kill myself, and love you womens hard at work (that that Mom! I LOVE that you've moved into the garage, lol! I don't know how many clothes you have but we have ten times more and apparently wear them all every single day.

    It is amazing how much time everything takes, but look at you, doing it all. Is Eric still there? You should come check out our new coffee beans.

    Super congrats on Charles. He is so cute he should be captain of everything. Look what a good mama you are. <3

    My accomplishments were exceedingly random and unfulfilling, and it feels like my house went from 80-to-zero in one day. I've been spending a lot of time with Debe, so the place lacks my signature spit-and-polish shine (that's so disguting, who would spit in their house?), and no one would ever notice, but I see evil eyes lurking in ever corner. Errant headphone, a spoon on the counterm lying atop an incense burner (makeshift spoon rest?), dishes (gasp!), a load of whites crying for me, and I heard Todd say something about shampooing carpets. Lord help me gone when this happens, for I cannot bear to see all the furniture rearranged.

    I did get hella laundry done, as well as sweeping, making lists, setting out lessons, wiping surfaces, swearing, ignoring the XBox cords, and a few other things before so many appts.

    This may have been my favourite series of posts ever, between sniffing floors and moving into the garage, I will have you honorary OCD sufferers soon!

    Jennifer you're the only non-libra in this thread.

  8. Why don't try this with small children? Because the lack of distractions it takes to undertake my version of the "... re-organizing of...life including my desk and several old journals of research and (making) great leaps of organization toward garage-art and the backroom studio..."

    was simply impossible to attend to when you guys were small.

    But you guys were more than worth it. Can't imagine not being a mom.

  9. and oh yea, I no longer have 408 end tables (though I still miss your Nice House) but I do have 5 count em' new lamps and light in my rooms for the first time in 5 years. They don't take up as much space and you'll be happy to know that now I have to clean the previously unnoticed ceilings.