Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day Muahahahaha!

Swig some joe bitches, because unless you're a veteran of war, and only Sam is, we's gettin' jiggy wit the housework today.

Our get-up-and-go song? Laugh and I will kick your teeth in:

Mmmbop by Hanson. I am not even kidding. These little boy/girls will have you doing things you never imagined.

I literally have a playlist of just that song, though it is highly inadvisable to fall asleep and wake up and realize it's been on for four hours and you're gnawing your tongue off and ready to drink the Kool-Aid.

So crank it up.

Today, en route to the bathroom, where this particularly nasty dust clique hangs, I:

-Made my bed.

-Made my shake/meds/blah.

-Swept the kitchen floor, even though Rei will do it later too.

-Swept laundry room.

-Swept porch while feeding the cat.

-Washed mirrors.

-Peed like there was no tomorrow, which there may not have been had I not finally gone.

Soon I shall:

-Make kids' chore lists.

-Can you buh-leeve I still have disks to go through? Scream.

-Double check kids' dusting powers.



-Blog a thing.

-Dust everything all the live long day.

-Clean the glass of the lizards' aquarium.

-Car wash.

For you, my Labour Day Lovelies:

-Ballistic on the basics.

-Choose one drawer to organize/clean, with an emphasis on throwing things away.

(Note: One task always has the potential to lead to a continuation of the same task, embrace this!)

-Clean your kitchen floor on your hands and knees.

-Clean your microwave, remove tray (dishwasher friendly), use whatever mojo, wipe exterior, ahhh...

-Wash at least interior windows.

-Remove ten things from your computer desk/area.

-Find one thing or group of things which desperately need a caddy and go buy one and take a picture of it and send it to me and buy me one too.

Pat yourself on the back!


  1. chey i had a long long comment and you would have loved it i think, but it wouldn't let me copy and paste even after i realized it wouldn't let me enter my google email.

    suffice it to say then that by writing all those great things i realized that wow, i actually did accomplish a lot today, even though it felt like just loving the rainy day.

  2. Today, in true Mesina Monday Miltary fashion (in honor of Labor Day ofc), I busted and grinded some serious ass round here and got the following done:

    ☺ Cleaned out our Degu's cage - which I do on a regular basis usually, but the poor things were staring at me pleading to please clean their cage because honestly, they are clean little guys and it was all my fault. ♥

    ☺ The kitchen got some serious scrubbing! Counters, doors, coffee maker and everything that sits on my counter got a wipe down and clean. I even moved the microwave and cleaned behind and under it... you don't want to know. Let's just say an egg dying kit and pumpkin seeds. I have no idea, it's best left a mystery.

    ☺ Swept the entire downstairs, since Mr. Dyson was upstairs and if I carry it down the staircase Maurice will file for divorce even before we are married. So I swept and pretended to be Cinderella. (Fucking fairy godmother never showed up)

    ☺ Cleaned the office out, stacked up the pile of mail that is screaming ''PLEASE SORT ME'' and took out a few bits of crap that were in here.

    ☺ Febreezed the sofa, staircase carpet and some curtains. I can smell everything at the moment and nothing smells clean. It's all ewww. Now it's all eww with spring scent.

    ☺ Wiped over the bathroom, made sure toilets were clean and the sinks were decent.

    ☺ The rest of my day consisted of vetting Griffin's new school and getting him signed up to go there tomorrow. Finally got somewhere and got him a place at the school in our village (YEAH!), but sorta bummed I'm not homeschooling. On the other hand, I was so not prepared for it yet and do think it would have added to my stresses rather than cured some. Still, time shall tell :)

    Whew, I'd like a cup of coffee now (my one a day)and will spend the rest of my evening working until 10pm. Pfft. xx

  3. lol! This war vet has been slaving outside all day. I've been (finally) cleaning up the chicken coop mess, killing huge freaking spiders, sweeping pounds of debris off the back patio, cleaning and storing the pool for the year, wiping down the grill, tables and chairs, cleaning up the garage a bit (but not nearly done)...

    Later, I'm going to be canning some tomatoes.

    I had a lot more fun in my war days. I'd be in clubs, shopping, hanging in Georgetown, sightseeing. All AFTER taking care of the soldiers who had been wounded in the desert, of course.

  4. Mom-Of course your long brilliant comment got deleted, it's my fate for being the only person alive who doesn't want to make love to fall. I hate fall. There. I said it. I'm glad you accomplished a lot because remember I need your help with the heaties? K thanks.♥

    Mesina-Fuck me I needed a goddamn bookmark to read your comment--I LOVE it! Your Mondays rock my world. So does your man, but you know. And so do you, god bless the Atlantic Ocean right? Okay:

    What the fuck is a Degu?

    I love that your microwave mystery included easter and halloween, even though I hate both.

    "Eww with spring scent" made my day.

    Bah you can always home school. You've gotta grow our baby.

    Damn girl, what's hotter than my better half carrying our three-way love child while scrubbing the shit our of the entire house? Plus you're funny. How did I get so lucky?

    Sam-(Salute, for real), yeah, I'm gonna say you did the shittiest roster of cleaning of anyone. I was exhausted and near tears just reading it. I'm a little suspicious about the spiders though, having seen your slightly-less-than-soldier-esque response to that one last week, lol. But seriously lady, I seemed to recall some dialogue about you sitting down for .8 seconds or something. Can you collapse soon? But damn, I'm impressed. :)

    I know you are one hot club mama. I will never forget you being passed up the hill, lol.

  5. I find it a little bit creepy that I can't do my housework anymore without thinking of you. It's a very odd relationship? Today I thought of you as I made my beds...

    It's a weird motivation to feel like there is always a moxie-fly on my wall.

  6. This is a Degu:

    They are like oversized gerbils, with a long life span of something like 8-10 years. SOOO cute and were a family project that's turned into a Mommy project. We all love them, but no one but me will hold them! So the kids enjoy watching them while Mommy does all the leg work. Figures. But! they are cute enough to keep mommy doing it :)

    How did I get so lucky?! Not you!? You rock woman and are the one Wife that keeps me motivated every day. How the hell do you do it?! Your right, thank god for the Atlantic Ocean ♥

  7. Karinda-I'm actually very flattered. Picture me behind you just as I always drive as if the police were behind me, lol. We do what it takes, hooray for made beds.

    Mesina-I dismiss everything you said to try to engage me in your creatures. No thanks. As for lucky, dearest, it is I who am lucky. The thing is, I'm a hella strong swimmer...

    My house got a thin veneer of filth because I watched Law & Order: SVU, but Mariska is worth it. I did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, swept all floors and cursed the rest. But I did spend 15 hours with my eyes swirling in fabric store with Reilly and get kidnapped by Maddie so it wasn't exactly all work and no play around here. I'll fix it all tomorrow.