Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just Another Manic Saturday

This week has been like no other. I have seen and heard such beautiful things from people far and wide it has restored some of my faith in the human race...except the hardcore douche bags, they will never change.

Anyway, I'm a trifle on the hallucinating-tired side, though I am happy to report three consecutive days of entire lists being completed.

Today's list is brought to you by the letter coffee, hella:

I am challenging myself to do all of this in two hours, since I will burn the universe to the ground of my son goes one more day without a haircut.

I need to add plucking too-small clothes from their dressers to make room for new school clothes and the nine-foot-long Levis Quinn now wears. I should check to see if he's wearing stilts.

Since you voted to keep Moxie's engine running through the weekends, here are my thoughts:

-Basics, with a vengeance. Start now.

-Pick three things from my list. (Might I suggest your car, the windows, and wiping down toilets?)

-Wipe doorknobs.

-Clean your coffee/espresso maker.

-20 minute pick up.

-20 minute wipe down (including cobwebs).

-POST! I get so many texts and emails claiming victory, let your cleaning community see your success!


  1. I shall christen this Saturday by reporting that in addition to doing all the dishes, again, making beds, straightening the living room, helping to get my super sad nightowl ready for his hella early trip with Papa, dusting, and cleaning the espresso maker, I have spent an hour with Quinn updating his iPod, which never wants to let me delete songs (none of the rest of us has this problem), but we figured it out and he ordered a veritable bounty of Dr. Who shit. (Thanks Deborah!) Updating the iPods is one of those things I'm always like "Yeah we'll totally do that an then the tedium of it sends me screaming. I am so glad we did this before his trip. That's my big coup thus far.

    Next up: Bleaching and vacuuming...

  2. Holy shit, please italicize Dr. Who and imagine closing parentheses in: "Yeah we'll totally do that..." Thanks, I've had two hours sleep.

  3. You mean quotation marks. Go to bed.

  4. OMG. I am actually too many sheets to the wind to even be embarrassed. Normally I'd close the blog and shit but yeah, I'm going to sleep before picking up tonight's stuff for Debe. Thanks Renae, love-n-hate you for noticing, lol. :)

  5. I'm surrounded by baby life and then some, but want you to know that every time I get the laundry caught up or there are more than 4 dishes in the sink, I'm still thinking of you. ;)

  6. What the hell did I do today?? Worked on the shed with hubby. . .
    Other than that? Laundry, dishes, and vacuumed the upstairs.

  7. Karinda-Aw, I am so honoured to be associated with your achievements, as well as four dishes. But can we switch it to five, because ofmy five thing? Good work mama, on whatever you do!

    Dawna-Sheds are the sort of shit I avoid like the plague. But damn, you still did a ton inside. You amaze me. :)