Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One More Day

I need one more day of rest and Debe-centric thinking before I can even remember my address let alone clean the house there. Debe is resting and her innate strength is emerging in this unbearable time, though I will ask for extra prayers for a very sad papa. Let us hold them tight.

I'm simply doing odd things as I see/care about them. Surfaces, smudges, floors, etc. Please do whatever you can. Some people find cleaning therapeutic, such as myself, when I'm not driving around the city realizing what an amazing community we have, and the endless generosity.

Tomorrow we will certainly pick up the reigns. Debe's house is a show room and she would be pissed if we all fell to bits.

Let's remember why we're taking this day, and then muster the energy to resume our work.



  1. When life pulls the rug out from under you, digest what happens, change what you can, and fuck the rest.

    Both of my m/c's were fairly early on. Of course I can not imagine what it would be like to really be in love with this tiny life and never get to meet that person.. . . . Time really does heal.

    I completely undersand Debe not wanting people contacting her. Sometimes it's easiest to move on without having the pain constantly dredged up an in your face.

    I will send them all of the positive energy I can in their time of need.

  2. Dawna-Fucking the rest is sheer brilliance, and I love you for saying that, as would Debe. Thank you for understanding her need for privacy, as some in our community are incredulous that she would have one close friend (moi) acting as her liaison while grieving privately. As if it's a snub. I do not understand people. Debe is strong, in spite of her grief, and she is coherent and talking and processing and even made a joke. Our community has come out for her family, and I'm pretty sure she would support us all cleaning up our shit holes in her honour now.

  3. I've talked to Debe, who is cognitive, hurting, talking, making sense, fearful, and very touched by the outpouring.

    I will see her later, extend everyone's well wishes, and report on her status to the best of my ability to keep up.

    Meanwhile, I peeked at my house. Holy shit Batman. First of all, we are sitting atop a heap of laundry higher than Mt. Vesuvius. Apparently in my scurrying about town, Todd assembled the most random assortment of shit (throw pillows, shoes, things formerly known as foam, I dunno, a watermelon) and decided they all needed to be washed. Together. Mind you, he's an excellent housewife, but sometimes reaches a little beyond his familiar realm I try to suppress my inner Kate Gosselin and fix it. The pillows, previously square, are much smaller circles, significantly wet on the inside, while burn-your-effing-skin-off on the outside. Yea.

    I scraped the top layer of Vesuvius off and got in the washer, shook out the bath mats, into the tub and will use Ajax and a sponge when I shower in like 47 years. Today is all about shortcuts and making the kids do everything. Dishes are done, floor mopped, our camp-out mostly cleaned up, just need to fold laundry and find something to obsess over.

    Please post and let us know what you did today. We ought to keep our momentum. Our priorities have certainly been underlined in super fat Sharpie, but we can chug along, so let's.

  4. Achievements today? Few, at least cleaning-wise.

    I did take the kids to the park for a picnic and some playtime, took recycling to the recycle center, dropped off some things at Salvation Army, stopped at. . .ahem. . .wal mart (please don't hit me)

    At home I did some laundry, never ending dishes, planted some crocus bulbs, cleaned at the downstairs bath (renovation central-YES, STILL!) And now I'm going to bed for fear of getting sick. (sigh)

  5. Much much much love to Debe and Kris. I cannot even begin to fathom what this must be like for them.

    Thanks to lack of sleep (and the inability to get anywhere for about a week) my house is clean still. The yard is beginning to look awesome!