Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tickle Me Tuesday

Seriously, I had better get notes from all your mothers explaining your egregious slackness this weekend! Bitches! Just kidding, I don't care. :)

Keeping today light in hopes of encouraging you guys to get of facebook and in Dawna's case, the garden, and kick some ass.



-Scrub your back splashes or the section of wall just above your counters, they're gross, trust me.

-Use Mr. Magic or what have you and wipe down your two main, most disturbing walls.

-Clean out your microwave. Remove tray, wash it, wash out inside, wipe down outside, underneath, and behind

-Clean your floors.

Finito. Tell me all about it.


  1. We're all out enjoying the last bit of summer! Woo!!

  2. i cleaned up squeezable applesauce 349583098 times today and shoved a lemon down my garbage disposal because it smelled like death in there. that's all i got.

  3. I actually stayed busy most of the day:
    -administered morning meds (as usual, but they count because they take a good 20-30 minutes every time!)
    -woke and fed the family, including dogs and cats
    -went to Home Depot with the husband to help get supplies to finish his room
    -started our lessons for the year (we're probably done now, as I have no more prepared)
    -helped husband schlep large machine up to his room
    -dishes, laundry, laundry
    -made lunch
    -went back to Home Depot for more supplies (he just likes company)
    -tried to keep breathing, though the large machine was filling the house with toxic fumes
    -baked a cake
    -returned machine to Home Depot
    -made dinner
    -mopped drywall dust off the kitchen floor
    -getting ready to go to UUCS for a Mabon ritual

    Is that enough? I didn't do much actual *cleaning*.


  4. Damn, you did a lot Sam!
    Okay, so I've been slacking but I just finished Manic Cleaning Tuesday (?!) and am caught up with it all. Put away the 4328594084 boxes that Allison gave me yesterday and pulled down more of her boxes from the attic(ouchie back). I even vacuumed my car :)

  5. I have very little to report. . . laundry, dishes, general miscellaneous picking up of stuff. . .scrubbed the front of my fireplace which was soot stained, vacuumed fireplace room. . .

  6. Debe-I prefer limes. You can't win 'em all.

    Sam-Like holy shit Scoob! Two trips to Home Depot makes me die. Schlepping man shit upstairs also does. Doing lessons and baking cakes amidst it all proves you have the stamina. Work you can handle, you just don't like cleaning! Anyway a day well spent, I'm glad to see your energy levels higher these days.

    Susannah-I see we are all copying Debe's number system, lol. I will never stop. Allison giving you 4328594084 boxes ftl! But good job dealing with it. And a huge shout for vacuuming your brand new not-dirty car.

    Dawna-Omg superwoman slows down? Oh, and your 'very little to report' kicks the ass of many. Don't take off the blue star undies just yet.

    I woke up to Microsoft convention shit e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e and promtply left for an appointment and didn't some home until like 7pm, where I immediately crashed and am just now up. But things are fairly tidy, maybe an hour away from happiness. As always, I advocate just leaving.