Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday With Tears

Today is the real day. Debe is scheduled for induction at 4pm. I can think of nothing else. Please feel free to join in my speechlessness, or to get some shit done. We will get on track soon or she will kick our asses, but today, my heart belongs to her, Kris, Sorren, and sweet Baby Sidney, whom we will never know. To quote Jennifer for the 8934560283655th time, "Fuck the universe."

Love you buddy.


  1. I am sending you so much love, Debe. My heart aches for all of you.
    Rest in peace, sweet baby Sidney. You are missed and loved by many.

  2. Debe, Kris and Sorren - stay strong. Don't fight emotions today just feel them. My heart is right there with you all today, I won't even pretend to know your pain, I'll just say I am so sorry you have to be feeling it.

    Sweet Sidney, already so loved and will never be loved any less. Here always in spirit, never gone. But I know so many would have loved to know you here, take care of your Mama and Papa today. ♥

  3. Rotated laundry, checked to see if it was 4:00, swept the kitchen, checked to see if it was 4:00, straightened living room, checked to see if it was 4:00, de-cluttered and dusted the areas that were most assaulting my eyes, checked to see if it was 4:00. Took four Excedrin, even though Todd seems to think four will kill me (let's hope), and got in the shower.

    Is it 4:00 yet?

  4. Thinking about the Brooks. Thinking about you.
    Came to post that I took out tons of recycling last night with my sister's help and washed a load of laundry. In case you can't tell that makes me a rockstar in comparison to my accomplishments lately ;-p

  5. Jennifer that's rad. You always manage to push yourself a little farther than I can imagine as a single mother. Of course, that's the only way things will get done. Yea for BILs and sisters helping. You are a rockstar, and the proud new owner of a tv stand.

    I cleaned nervously today. I don't really know what I did. Just now in preparation for meeting a friend I put left overs away, did all dishes, wiped the kitchen down, stove top, microwave, top of refrigerator, etc., took out the garbage, arranged vitamins in descending order, realized that was the red flag indicating impending insanity. Need to head out and get supplies for Deb, see my friend, freak out, and who know knows what else. Maybe reupholster my furniture while everyone sleeps...with covers made of like dryer sheets or some shit. OMG I am not wired to not be in control of situations like this.

    Kudos to all who cleaned. xoxo