Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wee Bit O'Wednesday

Deb is still undergoing induction so needless to say my eloquence is significantly compromised.

I don't want all of our cleaning routines to come to a screeching halt because it is very difficult to emerge from last place, so to speak. But let's take it easy, as heavy hearts really slow a mama down.


-Get beds made, changing sheets if necessary.

-Pick up five things in each bedroom. (Kids can do their own.)

-Keep all dishes on the left side of the sink, and wash/load them in the moment wherein it will drive you the least insane.

-Keep the washer running, Google washboards and be glad. And fold. And put away.

-Clear your dining room.

-De-clutter five things which I want you to report here. Has to be bigger than a Post-It note. Can be a Post-It note though.

-Dust some surfaces.

-Give your kitchen floor some TLC.

Dude, that's it. We'll be doing school work and errands otherwise. Maybe. Or watch a Full House marathon. John Stamos' mullet distracts me.

I love my Moxlings.


  1. Aw no Debe is still under induction?! My thoughts continue to be just right there with them.

    I agree, that mullet would distract anyone. x

  2. I've somewhat neglected my house in lieu of tackling my garage. . . I am still making sure the dishes don't take over, likewise the laundry, picking up various kid things as I pass through the house.

    My garage. . .ahem. . . words can't even describe it. I am happy to say though, it too is being reigned in and my hope is that I'll be able to boast completion tomorrow.

    x Love and positive energy to Debe, Kris, and Sorren x

  3. Mesina-Can you just resuscitate my heart across the pond, since I knocked you up? Thanks.

    Dawna-Who the hell cleans the garage with 9856345 kids? Wow. What are you doing with everything? Goodwill? Garage sale in the rain? I'm proud of you for keeping the basics going. You kick hella ass.

    I existed in a haze again, rotating laundry here and there, doing dishes, eating a gallon of mashed potatoes, then cleaning the pan, directed the kids in some tasks, and then once Sidney was born, I slept for five hours.

    When I woke up I ate random things that made me feel awful, swept the floors, hung clothes, wiped down my precious ottomans, and slept for another two hours.

    I suppose I'll be faced with a duel in the house tomorrow. Bring it on.