Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thoughtfully Thursday

Okay. Sidney was born yesterday just after 11:00am. Debe was so brave, as was Kris, and while they are immensely glad to have this experience behind them, it was very brutal emotionally. Let them not stray far from your thoughts.

However, Debe called me jerkface, which I equate with the green light to resume cleaning, and I'm dragging all your asses with me.

My house is teetering between "Totally fine, please come in," and "OMG we cannot be friends."

In an effort to tip the scales, tomorrow will find me:

-Thanking god that protein shakes are one of the three foods that won't make my mouth erupt like Mt. Krakatoa. (The other two being cucumbers and mashed potatoes.)

-Make chore lists.

-Re-hang son-of-a-bitchin' world map that falls down laughing off the wall everyday even though the US map hangs obediently.

-Prepare lessons.

-Clean kitchen FLOOR on my hands and knees.

-Replace knees.

-Clean out refrigerator, it needs consolidating. Also, the freezer, because I can never find the kids' waffles so I whine to Todd who grumbles and finds 17 packs of them in five seconds, leaving me with nary a witty retort. (Wondering about caddies for freezers...)

-Take a lint roller to the furniture and carpet, since Quinn my Vacuum Man is on a sleepover and there's a piece of thread driving me nuts.

-Put clothes away.

-Chip away at the kids' room before it's condemned.

-I'm one load away from being dish-and-laundry-free, save for folding.

-Vacuum my car.

-Make compilations for a friend.

-Swipe bathrooms.

-Give my eyes a massage by de-cluttering the kitchen. Wouldn't you know someone opted to display the fruit buffet-style rather than in the fruit bowl!

Call it a day.

I challenge you guys to pick five things off this list and two exceedingly clever and significant tasks of your choosing.Then tell us all about them.

Thanks for hanging in with me while my cleaning drive wanes. We're coming back, medium-throttle at this point.



  1. My heart is still very much with Debe and Kris, so I am hoping that today they are getting through the best they can together. ♥

    Today my priority was sending some love over to you Cheyenne, so you'll see what awaits you on my blog today. Miss you like mad and am in total love mode that my Wife could be so awesome. You know it!

    Cleaning wise, well I haven't done much other than blog, since I am feeling absolute BLEH, which started with morning sickness so bad I was actually sick. Now Im dead tired with another headache looming and feeling under the weather in general. I hope I haven't got a cold coming....oh please! Otherwise I will be heading upstairs after I bring Griffin home and cleaning our bedroom plus ensuite, and giving the bathroom some love before mopping the office floor. That's it. Oh and I'll vaccum. But that's it, I'm spent!

    Love you ♥

  2. I have to say, caddies for freezers rock. We have a chest freezer which is notorious for swallowing things into it's deep, dark bottom, never to be seen again. So finally I implemented plastic crates to organize and separate various foods.

    Wouldn't have it any other way!

  3. Today, I kicked some garage ass!! Woohoo! And it only took me three days (YIKES!)

    Tomorrow, look out house!

  4. Mesina-I am pleased to report that Debe and Kris are back home, and have made some peace with what happened, though they are still extremely saddened and using humour as best they can to offset the pain.

    I loved the blog. I cried like a child all the way through, seriously. The first three lines totally sunk my emotional Battleship, thank you so much. I wondered about the picture too but I didn't care. However, I'm not sure it posted properly.

    Blogging counts as cleaning. I don't know why but it does. Rest up, grow our baby, anf feel free to write me a blog anytime.

    -Cheyenne xoxo

    Dawna- I ♥ your validation of my freezer caddy idea, except I thought it was an original, lol. I can't wait to peruse those delicious aisles of clear stackable, air-tight things.

    What is you a machine??? Who cleans the garage with four babies omg! I know they're well-behaved but christ almighty you're making me look bad. So I've got to ratchet it up this weekend.

    Good job you two, and to the people who texted and emailed. Getting back on track is a good thing.

    Things were pretty caught up here, just needed to sweep some floors, fold the last of the laundry so that it can be become the beginning of the laundry again. I also wiped down the kitchen and ordered Quinn to do the dishes. In addition, in that miscellaneous category, I gave Reilly a pedicure, including alternating hideous colours (pink and purple) with decals, and I spent eight hours burning six compilations for a friend. When I got home from dropping them off I collapsed.

    We'll see what Friday holds.