Monday, October 5, 2009

Mesina's Monday

Between my Manic Cleaning Saturdays and Mesina's Monday Madness, I know two flats that are getting their asses kicked by weekends' end. Do any of you feel the momentum from this or do you think us dreadful lifeless bores? Some questions I was hoping you guys would answer so that I may conjure up ever-challenging and inspiring ways to get you on your hands and knees. (And we'll just leave it at that.)

-Is there any particular day of the week on which you feel the most or least motivated?

-What are your top two most paralyzing regular chores?

-Are there things that wold make these easier to accomplish?

-What cleaning solvents do you use?

-Are you happy with them?

-Are you more motivated in the morning or at night or always or never?

-Are you concerned with deep cleaning or is a cursory wipe satisfactory for you?

-What percentage of your belongings do you wish you could chuck?

-Are the lists I post helpful at all or is merely posting your achievements what compels you? (One reader said it is the random images I select, lol. Hey whatever gets you here!)

So your assignment today is to answer these questions and let us know what you got done on your own, or as inspired by Mesina.

As for me, my weekend away makes the following mandatory:

-Folding four baskets of laundry which accumulated once again despite the fact that we were all gone.

-Make serious chore lists for the kids--they've had their fun!

-Remove all unnecessary crap from kitchen and living room.

-Obviously dust or the earth will skid of its axis.

-Break for lessons, so my kids know that academia trumps cleaning, whereas I always struggled to maintain both equally. (OCD)

-Figure out why I hate the master bedroom and why the new comforter didn't fix it and find a solution, whether that involves rearranging or radical acceptance or kerosene...

-Find five spontaneous deep corners and manhandle them.

Feel free to borrow from Mes or me or choose your own adventure.

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  1. --I like Thursdays because I am done with teaching for the week and the next four days feel wide open. I love Fridays because I love to start the weekend with a clean house.
    --I hate dishes. The only way for me to deal with this is to keep up with them which I HATE. I don't like folding laundry, but I deal with this by storing everything in organized bins. I hate mopping, but we have a scooba, so I can't complain too much about this one.
    --If we owned fewer dishes and clothes
    --I like the clorox green works cleaning line, soft scrub's new scrubby pads, kirkland detergents, and blue scotchgard sponges.
    --Is there a magic subtance that would make things sparkle? No? Okay then. I would like to find a hardwood cleaner that truly works. Ditto tub cleaner.
    --If I start my day right (i.e. not at the computer), that is the key to everything for me. However, I do some of my best cleaning late at night, but I need a major motivation (visitors) to do it.
    --I like it to *look* clean and be organized. Deep clean just isn't on my radar right now, but it does feel awesome when it happens.
    --I think we could get rid of 50% of the stuff in this house and never look back. I think we could get rid of 60% and truly improve the quality of our lives by inviting better karma in. However, I am cursed with a packrat spouse, a toddler, and limited time for purging.
    --The lists remind of chores that I never think of--wiping baseboards, dusting, etc. But, most days, I'm still struggling with basics.
    --Kitchen is clean, dinner is planned, rest of house is passable. Had preschool this morning and teaching tonight so it's a win.