Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunless Sunday

Of my myriad sins, secrets, and crimes, and we're not talking small numbers here, I would venture to guess that my disdain for fall is the likeliest to cost me friends. Well that and being unsafe. I mean really unsafe, like exaggerating and stuff, 2893489235 hours of the day. I also don't like sleepovers in my house. Even the sweetest, most polite kids, who take their dishes to the sink and know the square root of 144, are pretty much more than I can handle. I don't know why, but Camy's sleeping bag feels the same as someone pouring buckets of paint or sand across the floor. Thank god Todd doesn't share my aversion, so he usually hosts the sleepovers while I do other, better, cleaner, drunker, er, more refined things.

So today will be all about removing all traces of the 709 guests we've had in the past two weeks. I really do say that in love, and any of you are welcome in my house, I will just scrubs your filthy contaminated fingerprints off of everything when you leave. But seriously, don't take offense, I scrub our filthy contaminated prints off too, it's part of OCD's charm.

Since things are looking pretty good, I plant to do the following:

-Clean kitchen, wipe down, floors.

-De-clutter counters and dining table.

-Make Reilly conceal all evidence of her sleepover while thanking me profusely for allowing it and regaling me with tales of merriment and whatnot.

-Deborah's dogs sjdfhasdhflasgdhlfjasdfuhasdlfljasdgdsg.

-Ajax in front bathroom.

-Bath mats.

-Get gifts ready to ship, except Gail's, whose is ready but the fucking post office closes earlier now so my entire life (read: list) was derailed.

-Wash the additional bedding Deborah brought for her angels, bedding which is nicer than that of Oprah Winfrey but whatever.

-Put clothes away.

-Scrub down back vanity.

-Research a potion to combat dust or slit my throat.



-Three things from my list.

-One totally unexpected chore.

That's it! I hate Sundays and will be going insane as soon as I'm done with my list, but Khloe will fix it at 9pm.


  1. Well today I am sitting on my butt and working! Oh and making a chicken on my lunch break and ordering Maurice to please baste it every 30 minutes. He won't know what he's doing but meh, I can totally blame him if it's dry. Muuahh ahh!

    Yesterday we went shopping for preggo clothes since now I look about 5 months along. Pfft. He however is loving it, since he kept asking when I was gonna get fat. Fat in the bump preggo sense...bless him. Now he rubs my belly like a good luck Budha every 10 minutes. It's cute!

    Cleaning, will have to wait until tomorrow! Before I go to my 12 week scan to see our baby Cheyenne!! ♥

  2. More time lying on the couch today. Well, planning to write the bills and fold and put away laundry while Daddy and the Infanta are off at church. And then we get to go grocery shopping.

    I greatly appreciate your offer of housecleaning, but are you really prepared to walk into a space that will give you apoplexy?! :)

  3. Lol. . .That is the very reason why I don't invite people to my home unless it's life threatening. . .I simply can't deal with it. Ahh. . .but thankfully my kids are still young. The only friend that has been sleepover inclined isn't ready to leave her parents so my kids go there. AND we visit once a week but always at their house. It's the perfect arrangement!

    No worries about the fall thing. . .it's diversity that makes relationships interesting. Besides I like it enough for you and I put together! lol!

  4. Mesina-Making a chicken is far more labour intensive than all the cleaning I could do in a day, so yea. Maternity clothes are exciting, and I can't wait to read your Monday Madness.

    Katie-If you got any of those things done while on bed rest I commend you. I have the grit to see your house without having a cerebral hemorrhage, but understand people feel sensitive about their space. Feel better.

    Dawna-Yeah visiting is tricky but I've learned that the value outweighs the ten minutes of post-visit cleanup. Not that it's a cake walk or whatever, but I'm trying.

    I spent today wrapping up a weekend sojourn in debauchery paradise, it was awesome and there was no cleaning involved. Sometimes you just have to reboot your brain so you can resume your life with fresh energy, or that's a cute excuse for wanting to raise hell with some friends. OMG I cannot believe they were still in that parking lot the next morning!

  5. I love you for not liking fall! Once I'm into the season I'm ok because I can bake but summer is all me!