Friday, October 2, 2009


The weekend fade out began early folks, and I'm sure 95% of you will blame the fall, and all of its many splendors--squashes, leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, fucking rain that turns the sky black and sucks the energy out of my team. I already confessed to not loving fall. No one killed me. Yet.

So today, since I am due to arrive at Marionette's shortly to get their house ready for prospective buyers (cross your fingers!), and I did a lot yesterday, my list is modest but that doesn't mean you all can't clean your vans with toothpicks or cover your bathroom with a mosaic or whatever you want.

Before I leave I will:

-Sweep/Swiff/wipe kitchen, which always needs it, whether it does or not.

-Sweep bathroom floors, see if it's time for our shi shi bath mats to go to the spa.

-Stop avoiding the Post It note hell that has become my desk disguised as order.

-Force Reilly to make her bed, which Todd has been sleeping on while our guest built neat piles of basically crap all over the master bedroom like mole hills. She has some laundry to put away.

-Eyeball swap stuff in case Emily's Sunday swap comes to fruition.

-Pack up my supplies and Kirby plus attachments and do my very best for Marionette and Corey.


-Retrieve the clothes at Old Navy I couldn't purchase today, as I had left my gift card at home. Bah.

-Go through the car wash.

-Um, what did I do with Reilly while I was at Marionette's? So, fetch her.

-Hit Starbucks baby.

-Fold all laundry.

-Dust fans, whic are turned off as I fight the urge to turn on the heat. Help!

All while taking the very best care of Deborah's dogs that we can. I'm sure Reilly will walk them and they'll spend time enjoying the Shangri-La Deborah built for them outside, so they can piss on Todd's garden. Shhh. Since I will likely take a repeat shower, there's a good chance that I will bring some Ajax in with me.




-Three surfaces, de-cluttered, wiped, bare. Includes dining chairs.

-Sweep and mop all floors.


-Empty wastebaskets into main garbage and take it out and reline smaller ones.

-Dust, de-clutter, organize, cry at, your computer desk.

-Pick up 20 things in five minutes.

Text if you need inspiration. I want feedback!


  1. Wha?! you don't love fall?!!!! I'm sorry, but I have to leave now. . . *big sigh*

    Inspirations? yes please, but I don't have your cell #. . .

    Today (Friday) started good- I started my day by organizing a drawer (go me!) plus I did dishes, tried to start the lawn mower. .. (urg! don't go there!!!). . . tried to start the weed eater. . .(sore subject also. . .) :-/
    I will try both of the above again tomorrow!

    Saturday. . .that's THE day, right?! Wish me luck.
    You up for a visit this weekend Chey? Maybe Monday?. . .Dh is hunting and I have time to burn. . .could clean but need to get out to maintain my sanity too.

  2. Dawna-Yeah, I'm the fall-hating pariah. For me it's merely a dark cold segue into the sideways rain and black skies of winter, and fuck me if I'm not dancing for joy in anticipation of that. So hate me if you must but I know you won't leave.

    Cell: (503) 910-9546

    Inspirations: Once You Tube is back up I can send you my playlist if Reilly will show me how to do that. (I ride the technological short bus.)

    Yeah I'd love to see you. My house is 1 sq. ft. x 1 sq. ft. but you should come to the play group we attend from 1-3 and then we could wreak havoc someplace. And actually, your kids are so well behaved they'd probably be fine here.

    Keep up the good work Dawna, you are really the unsung hero of Moxieclean. <3

  3. I totally loathe the dark and gloomy sideways rain too. Blech! But I LOVE the beautiful colors of fall and the crunch of the leaves on the ground. PLUS there is still a fair amount of sunshine and blue skies right now and the air is crisp and clean. . .I'm just sayin'! ;-)

  4. Dishes and laundry done. Swept the kitchen and dining room floors. That is as far as I've made it through the list. Today has been incredibly challenging.

  5. Susannah-Major points for even being able to type. Dishes and laundry are what haunt people most, so take some pride in that. Breathe. Fuck the universe.

    I got up and dealt with Deborah's fucking dogs, and she texted me like 18 pages of how to massage, oil, read to, and otherwise validate and treat her dumb-ass dogs like royalty. Then I got the very last of our company laundry debacle under control, followed by everything on the list, and then headed to Marionette's where I proceeded to forget the most critical attachment of my vacuum and had to drive hella miles home to retrieve it.

    After that I made a dent in the nearly 15 October birthdays I have, the highlights being walking into Old Navy looking like something a fucking chupacabra vomited up, and then to Starbucks, all the while looking down to avoid seeing anyone I knew, getting hit in the side by a car, shuffling humiliated but laughing to my car, where I realized I had forgotten my bullshit fortified smoothie ALL.THE.WAY.BACK.INSIDE.STARBUCKS. Omg. So back in I trudged because I am so done with allergies I subsist on all liquids now, plus it was $91.00.

    I came home, bowed to the dogs, spiffed everything up, except myself, who is due to meet someone in five minutes and needs a shower/spa/lipo suction/etc. Reilly has an overnight guest due, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to bitch about tomorrow, but for now, it's clean as a proverbial whistle, and I'm pretty sure my hip didn't break.

  6. Omg-what a day Cheyenne!

    Here is my list of accomplishments (I actually have one today!!)
    -kitchen *all but the floor*
    -I did two loads of laundry
    -cleaned the toilet, sink, and tub in the downstairs bathroom
    -vacuumed downstairs, living area, fireplace room, hall, girls room
    -coddled sickie Savannah

    Overall it was a very accomplished day! Tomorrow I will focus on the few things I didn't get done downstairs and the upstairs living area. by the time that's complete I'm sure it'll be time for me to start over.