Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday for the Win

My own cleaning rhythm came to a screeching halt when our beloved Mr. and Mrs. Maytag died together yesterday. Yes, somehow I am unable to fathom cleaning everything else until they are replaced, which I hear will be today. So, I ordered everyone out of the house yesterday, so as to preserve the previous days' efforts. Man that was such a good idea.

Inspired by Bethany and a few others, I am posting your assignment but personally will be MIA at Starbucks until the new set is operational. I've already scrubbed the laundry room down to welcome the newlyweds but I can't get in the zone until I know that everything I do will be set to the hum of automated cleaning things. What, I have OCD. Duh.


-Stuff that washer and relish that your laundry will be caught before mine, which is unheard of, frankly.

-Set your timer for 20 minutes and get medieval in your kitchen. Ready the wipes, and do not stop moving until your time is up. Dishes in sink, run some soapy water even if you have a dishwasher, wipe under canisters, toasters, back splashes, fixtures, cull things out of drawers, Windex your oven door, whatever you can. Like a shopping spree for the mentally ill (me), and like torture for regular people (you).

-Cruise around your house until you spy that one thing you would dread me marching in and ordering you to tackle. Sorting beads, ironing, toilets, a dungeon-ish cupboard, a window, your car, I don't care. Do it. If Bethany can do it with Hanta Virus, you owe it to her to do something that feels insurmountable too. Think of Bethany.

-Get rid of one garbage bag full of shit. You will know it is shit because it is shit.

-Wipe down five surfaces, be they flat or vertical.

-BONUS: Clean your glove compartment for REALS! I am due to do this as well, since I tend to overstock, not emergency supplies, no, but hygiene supplies.

Getting all this done will be a great way to start the weekend wherein you all pretend not to know me. :) Ready set go.

PS-Apparently Mozilla caught whatever the washing machine had because it won't let me post a picture. This is a true test. Can y'all bust a move with no image to inspire you?


  1. Yay for new washing machines! Will your new pair be extra large sized? I love being able to do big loads :)

    I have done all of your list other than the garbage bag--will do that later with T's help.

    My insurmountable thing was wiping the living room baseboards and dusting. HATE TO DUST. HATE.

    Also, that cake from yesterday? MINE.

  2. -Bethany, OMG you is unreal. That list was no small feat, as is evident by the collective absence of our team, lol, plus you achieved the insurmountable, all with that junior drill sergeant. Damn. You deserve that cake.

    Sadly, the new w/d set is the fraternal twin twin to the old set, and the entire installation process was fraught with every combination of disaster. But, they work, run smoothly, they're white (most important), and I am one load away from being caught up, hee haw.

    Today was bloggably insane but I did mange to get the kids through chores, the kitchen spotless, dishes done, dusted, put away clothes, wiped down bathrooms, wiped down my car, and clear the counter and the table. All in all a good day.