Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thinking of Thursday

Happy October! I don't know about you but I have seven million birthdays this month, so I'd best get my place whistling so we can have some fun.

But no fun today. All work no play. Rhyming is gay. Which I can say.

We kinda kicked some ass yesterday, I'm so proud of my Moxlings, and for those of you who need to rest, I order you to do so without guilt. You need your strength to get back in the game when you can.

So in addition to the basics, which in my case currently includes a heap of wet delicates splattered against my washing machine's drum. Christ. Okay well if you guys can soldier on in the face of my tragedy, here goes:

-Windex all mirrors and windows, excluding exteriors unless you woke up as the Incredible Hulk.

-Organize your Tupperware drawer/cupboard.

-Dust and spank your computer area until it cries uncle.

-Check your hall closet and make sure everything is ship-shape.

-Remove one thing from your house. Broken toaster, a box, broken toys, toys that aren't broken, something.

-Sweep all floors.

-Final challenge: Before you come after me with your scythes, get down with some wipes and wipe the baseboards in your living room. I'm sorry but even your magnificent Dysons leave a thin film of effing dust.

Dazzle me with your success stories. Minutes = major happiness.


  1. Well, today was pretty productive, just not productive of the usual kind :)

    Today I whittled my life away over laundry...and still it's not all quite done. Somehow blankets and other USELESS CRAP made its way into my laundry bin and I pondered the meaning of life and the universe while cursing. Yeah.

    Between cycles I also managed to plan all the weekly meals this week, make a shopping list, and do my online grocery shop. I've also planned a romantic meal for two tomorrow night, since it's only Maurice and I home for the eve (oh rawr!) and thus I have a ravashing dinner planned with a homemade dessert. He will love me so much it will hurt!

    Other than that, I'm about to go and do the last of the dishes and convince my loving honeybuns that we do indeed need to purchase a carpet cleaner. Yes. We do. We have two dogs, 3.5 kids and him here. Uhh yeah. NOW! ♥

  2. I'm working my way through the list . . . little by little.

    Kitchen is clean, living room and dining room clean-ish. One load of laundry down, one bag of give-aways sorted, and . . . AND I did a task I've been putting off for SIX FREAKING months. Onward.

    Looking forward to the mirror cleaning. Also, I took a page from Mesina and planned our meals. My goal is to seriously halve our grocery bill this month. I am sick and tired of spending what amounts to a mortgage payment on food.

  3. I have to say, today I must relegate myself to my homework. I have some very challenging math stuff in chem and I feel like I'm drowning. Solution? SWIM DAMNIT! Which means I have to turn a blind eye to the household clutter that the children have created for me. . .

  4. I did most of your list:

    Mirrors cleaned
    Kitchen re-cleaned post lunch, deep cleaned post dinner. I am clearly smoking crack as my kitchen floor is also swept and clean.
    Bathroom baseboards cleaned (these bug me far more than the living room ones)
    Weekly shopping accomplished
    Brownies for Katie baked and delivered
    Bag of clothing for swapping removed from house
    several random items chucked in the trash
    House semi-ready for guests = check.

    I really just need to start having guests every Friday as I have managed to keep my house looking decent for a week straight now.

  5. Mes-For the love of the baby Jesus and my feelings, can you please not discuss your laundry revelry, as our set died a horrible death and we are surrounded by heaps of cold wet clothing, a scene I liken to Hurricane Katrina. Furthermore, my baby is no .5 biotch and you know it. Other than that it sounds like you were your usual speed racer, awesome as ever. Fucking call me.

    Bethany-Holy shit I cannot believe how clean your kitchen has been while you died all week. I'm starting to be afraid of Tavy. STANDING OVATION for tackling the six month neglected task, and whatever meal planning is, I have no clue. Yea!

    Dawna-Math and chem? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Bethany-Ah my favourite is brownies for Katie baked and delivered. You are true blue girlfriend, seriously. I also loved getting rid o'shit. I am impressed. :)

    So yeah our washing machine broke and the flags were flying at half mast. Thankfully, our guest was able to toss in 60 more towels before his temporary visit-within-a-visit for a few days, and naturally I had set about washing everything made of fabric as we all have plans this weekend.

    I realized, possibly irrationally, that there wasn't a solitary cleaning task I could achieve without the washing machine. Nope none. NONE! So I left and hit one hell of a friend circuit before giggling with my favourite aunt on my mom's couch about Sense & Sensibility for 17 hours. Then I came home to war-torn Bosnia and turned off all the lights to minimize the laundrastrophe (omg that hurt, it really did). But things are pretty clean. the old being gone trick. Busy days ftw.