Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday: Pop Quiz

Dude, something has to happen to get you lackluster bitches hopping. (I say that in love.) I relish reading your accomplishments, yet lately there are tumbleweeds blowing by. Do you hate me?

I've devised this fill-in-the-blank quiz to see if shaking up the format will inspire you to end this mutiny and resume the awesome tempo we had.


-I will sweep ___________ and ______________.

-I will do at least __________ loads of laundry, fold it, and ___________.

-I will make sure there are no dishes in the sink by ______________.

-I will clean and wiped down ______________, __________________, and ______________.

-I will get rid of___________________, and when I say get rid of I mean ____________.

-I will pick up ______________ things from _______________________.

-I will dust, mindfully, _____________, ______________, and _________________.

-I will also tackle ____________________, which I have been avoiding for __________.

-Cheyenne is a(n)______________________ for doing it this way.

We have company arriving in droves now, so I'm on super towel detail, wipe-down duty, sweeping frenzy, dishes rampage, and general high alert. I must remember not to wake up and walk around in my goddamn underwear pretty soon though.

Okay I'm really curious to see what you guys do, and what you smart-asses have to say.


  1. I will sweep downstairs and decide to vaccum it instead. (wot I'm lazy!)

    -I will do at least 2 loads of laundry, fold it, and curse at it then put it away. *sigh* feckin laundry

    -I will make sure there are no dishes in the sink by midnight tonight. :P

    -I will clean and wiped down all counters, downstairs toilet and what else is there!? Oh yeah, the upstairs bathroom.

    -I will get rid of the kids...oh no wait.. 2 useless items, and when I say get rid of I mean bring over to your house. *snicker*

    -I will pick up 20 things from the kids room! *gasp horror*

    -I will dust, mindfully,the livingroom, the office and no and, that's it.

    -I will also tackle Maurice (what he's hot!), which I have been avoiding for most of today (he had work). Alright! I'll clean the kids room a bit.

    -Cheyenne is a(n)domestic goddess who's slave driving this poor pregnant woman but I still love her for doing it this way.

    Ok there....♥

  2. Still on bedrest (as much as possible with a sick toddler), but I have diaper and clothes laundry to do.

  3. My house looks freakin' awesome still!
    I will do the only load of laundry and put it away.
    Put sheets on the pack n' play.
    Put the diaper trashcan upstairs that I've been avoiding for months and throw away the shoe in the back yard that I've been avoiding for 1 year.
    I'll clean the bathroom floors and wipedown the baseboards in the living room. I'll also wipe the plant shelf then my house will be totally ready for rampaging hoards of homebuyers...or one? Please?

  4. i did 3 loads of laundry, which are now folded and put away. also changed sheets on 3 beds.
    there will be no dishes in the sink by 730pm.
    i cleaned and wiped one toilet and sink for our guest.
    i got rid of trash and recycling.
    cheyenne is mary matson malas for doing it this way. :)

  5. Alright, here's what I accomplished today-

    -moved the doghouse
    -completed two and a half loads of laundry
    -vacuumed upstairs
    -cleaned litterbox
    -cleaned lizard cage
    -vacuumed downstairs living room
    -picked up unreal amounts of toys. . . .

  6. Mesina-You made the honour roll, you even followed the format while making me laugh. You like this way? Gail is going to send me anthrax in the mail.

    Ah Katie-You just rest up. Don't even fret.<3

    Marionette-I totally peed over the shoe you've avoided for a year, ha ha ha! You is a robot! Wowee. Did Penny go to college or something? I'm hella impressed. Are you going to need help Friday or are you ready to show as-is? Good job!

    Gail-Who is your guest? Did you straighten your hand towels? OMG we hate dust! Did you know you omitted a colon in your hateful mutiny? Love you.

    Dawna-Who moves a dog house? You didn't vacuumSouth Beach? SLACKER! Litter boxes and lizard cages, omg. You keep me on my toes lady!

    I followed the program and then humoured myself by scrubbing exterior windows, sweeping the new and improved tote-filled back porch, wiping down the washer and dryer, since the washer broke, bitch, and undergoes an operation tomorrow. I kept the sink barren, floors swept and mopped, and did my best to relocate piles around without our guest noticing. Very productive, you ladies inspire me.