Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A very Moxie birthday to Mesina and Sam, and in honor of their special day Moxie asks that everyone do their best to achieve enough cleaning to remain sane until Monday, when she will return with arsenal of commands.

Enjoy the last of your break. :)


  1. Thank you, Cheyenne! :)

    Mesina- You're Oct 11th, too! Woo!!

  2. OMG Sam! We share the same birthday!! See, another reason to totally love you more! 11th is simply THE Best day to have a birthday, October of course being the most awesome month.


    Cheyenne, thank you sweetie! Wow, a whole Moxie in honor of Sam and I? You rock! I hereby invite you all for some Black Forrest Cake that Tahira and I have made today....we have nice ice cream too! Come join us!!

    The family have made everything so wonderful, wow I am speechless today. (Do you know how hard that is?!) Tahira went and spend HER OWN MONEY on all my presents and she and I together made my cake in MY NEW KITCHENAID!(DIE!!!) and the little ones got Mommy some kick ass films and my other half blew my heart away with a sweet necklace...omg it's gorgeous. I have no more blessings today, I've had the lot plus we're going out to dinner?!?!?!?! (DIE AGAIN) Best birthday ever. EVER. Just need my Cheyenne here. :)

    xxx LOVE YOU!! xxx

  3. Sam-Anything to lure you into my lair of coffee and distract you from the time/space continuum. Thank you for a wonderful visit. You're smokin' hot!

    Mes-Hold it. My mom's birthday is the 13th, she will be the big 6-0, holy shit. She looks 45. So I'm partial to the 13th, though I was telling Sam all my favourite people (well most) are in October, and not one of you bitches can make a decision to save your life.

    I am buying my ticket. I'm done here. I'm not kidding, I will call you from Heathrow.

    I did the brest of minimums today, as a recent setback has slowed me down, but aside from the washer and dryer on the porch I was comfortable enough to let Sam in, though I would have turned the rest of you away. I'd say I'm an hour away from perfection, though I'm never satisfied there either. Still, it's nice to rest in cleanliness.

    Happy birthday again to my two favourite October 11th libras. (Yes I have four other people on the 11th, so I'm not just saying that.)

  4. happy birthday sam and mesina! october is THE best month for birthdays, and we can make decisions...sometimes :)