Monday, October 12, 2009

Moseying Monday

Hmmm...Do we start off slow or come out guns a-blazing? I always pack heavy artillery where the house is concerned, but I'm still getting a feel for which recipe turns out best for you guys. Bethany, Mesina, and Dawna tend to get all fired up and turn into She-ra or some shit, while the rest of you do what you can when you can, which is just as important. Pacing yourselves. I'll toss out some ideas and y'all can salute me or spit in my face, whatevah.

Today I have:

-Cleaned the kitchen.

-Empty waste baskets.

-Restocked napkins, tissues, etc., and updated Fred Meyer and Costco lists.

-Washed all laundry. Ignored the subsequent heap. It's pretty high people.

-Made kids' chore lists.

-Made copies for school work (not really cleaning, but helps keep me on track).

-Placed delicate, newly washed and forever-dried bath mats back, sang them a lullaby, etc.

-Changed sheets.

After our midday thing, I will:

-Fold the fucking heap.

-Sweep laundry room.

-Clean out the refrigerator, which I recently promised but I have this tendency to open it and ask myself "wtf?" since I only eat Ramen, and then close it.

-Call it a day. Rest, which I love as much as having my fingernails pulled off, only less, but what the hell.

Is it too much to ask for you to:

-Nail the dishes and laundry. For reals. Like, no excuses. Sam had some great ideas for easing the burden of this monotonous routine, post it Sam it was excellent!

-This Swine Flu shit is creeping me out so like disinfect your doorknobs, inside and out, and your light switches and outlets.


-Spend ten minutes in your kitchen, paying extra attention to counters, back splashes, and the microwave.

-Windex all the windows in one room.

-Sweep entry way.

-Dust everything hanging on the wall.

If you hate resting, rest, because I loves me some company when I's miserable. If you love resting do 1,000 goddamn jumping jacks and then come watch Sense & Sensibility with me.

Well, is it?


  1. you know that 'get out of jail free' card that you issued the other day? well, i need to be put into jail for the lack of cleaning around here lately. i'm serious. marek is sick today so i think i better use my 'free' time to do some work around here. that's why i haven't been posting, i haven't been doing much cleaning. can we still be friends? <3

  2. Happy Birthday Sam, Mesina and Jesse! You all have great birthdays because you were born on odd days! I'm obsessed and October really is about the perfect birthday month.

    This weekend I... made a full dinner on Friday and did homework, spent a few hours at work on Sat and on Sunday I did about 9 loads of laundry, including stripping the beds and doing all the bedding that piled up from my month of houseguests. I actually folded and put away quite a bit of it too and plan to finish the rest tonight. I also cleaned and reorganized my son's room because we've been trying out many different configurations to accomodate the extra heads in our house.

  3. Gail-We can be friends but our relationship will be seriously tenuous for some time to come because I can only imagine how skewed your towels became as you lay around eating vegan bon bons. Duh your sick boy takes precedence. :) I trust you always to pick up the slack which we all know means swipe one counter. Love you.

    Jennifer-Oooooohhhh, loving your odd birthday fascination, and hoping ot meet you some day. House guests = lots of MOxie grace and 9 loads of laundry could only be made better/worse if it had been 10, per my fetish for fives. You redid Elijah's room AGAIN??? Why? OMG you need me. I can't wait for the 24th.

    Good job ladies!

    I wiped, swiped, scrubbed, de-cluttered, folded, folded, folded, folded, went into a coma and then narrowly evaded jail with Debe because she's hell of unsafe, but damn her house is clean.

    Onto tomorrow...