Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday on the Timer

I've been falling asleep in the strangest places of late, and as such, have missed posting Moxieclean early, to which we are all accustomed. I hope this hasn't endangered anyone's lives. When I upgrade my phone I'll just get mobile web so that when I am on a random park bench I can still prioritize my Moxlings.

That said, today is nuts, so here's what I'm going to do:

-Set a timer for an hour.

-Get on my mark, get set, GO!

-Vacuum my car.

-(While coffee is brewing.)

-Jump in the shower in hopes that Mesina doesn't call during either of those tasks.

-Tweeze the miniscule, seemingly unimportant Lego (size of a grain of sand) out of the keyboard, it is driving me nuts and Quinn will undoubtedly say something about it before his eyes even open.

-Make kids' chore and lesson lists.

-Reload dishes.

-Wipe down bathrooms.

-Sweep goddamned fall leaves out of laundry room.

-Put my clothes away.


-Clear off dining room table.

That may be pushing it even for me.


-Timer set (One hour!)

-Anyone up for freezing her ass off for a sparkly car? (OOhh I am I am!)

-Get your coffee!

-Load dishes.

-Load laundry, repeat, repeat, repeat...

-Wipe down kitchen.

-Wipe down bathrooms.

-Cobweb check.

-Gather laundry so that it can continue to never end.

-Spiff up entryway and living room.

Hooray! Done for the day, except all those things not on your lists, sigh.

Stay warm. My bones are ice, I cannot get warm. Hope y'all are faring batter. :)

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  1. Can't get warm???!!! That's WRONG! ON SO MANY LEVELS!! . . . Three words, "fire, Fire, FIRE!" And if you can't have your own, yes, you are welcome to come enjoy mine! ;-)

    Today I worked on a lab for chemistry. No, not all day, but for several hours, blech! I also,

    -vacuumed all of downstairs,
    -cleaned the kitchen,
    -picked up two families worth of toys

    and now, I'm going to bed!!!