Monday, October 26, 2009

Mind Over Monday

With halloween fast approaching, followed by Thanksgiving and then christmas, Jesus (!), Moxie's being hit with a trifecta of cleaning deterrents. I do have some ideas for ridding your home, especially the kitchen, of unused objects to make the holidays less daunting, but right now I'm still more concerned with keeping you all moving throughout the day, making every movement count.

Every time I walk in our humble laundry room entrance, I check the dryer, pull out clean laundry if necessary, rotate clothes from washer, reload, check wastebasket, and sweep the floor. Now with all of the gorgeous fucking leaves, I sweep more and more.

As I refill my Brita, I wipe down the counter, or stack dishes in the left side of the sink in the least offensive manner, aesthetically speaking, in hopes that Todd will be spellbound and do them. (I may have OCD but I never have time!)

Any time I have the broom in my hand, I sweep all non-carpeted floors. Takes three minutes. Swiffing takes three more. Newly washed bathmats are so rewarding. I'm just sayin'.

A walk-through dusting really eases the mind, especially if it segues into washing mirrors.

Windex on the oven door is an unexpected delight, as is wiping down your entire refrigerator.

Taking a bag or small box into any room and filling it with unwanted items falls under the "every little bit helps" category, especially if you can donate it.

I've already mentioned my magic lint roller trick, good for blinds, ottomans, anything upholstered. Or just spot speck check if full vacuuming isn't warranted.

For some reason, blankets strewn about, while not dirt, raises the ire of many a mother. My kids often wake up and crawl under a blanket while they contemplate whatever it is worry-free kids contemplate upon waking. But, the know to fold them up and put them in our papasan palace and scoot the couch cushions in and reset my throw pillows. It helps.

Picking one thing each day to scrub to a shine, however small, really adds up.

So some things to ponder, in a slightly different format.

Today I'll be making use of my uncanny wingspan and rapid movement to keep things shining, and I'm curious to see what y'all do.

I hate candy corn, and I eat a lot of it every year. I like the waxiness.


  1. It's Monday.
    So hence I went through my house like a woman on crack and basically cleaned the crap out of everything I could see, touch or smell. It was something close to amazing and yet I look around and still see a million things that need doing. Go figure.
    ♥ I loved up my kitchen and got everything washed, wiped and swept in there. It was awesome....until dinner time. *sigh*
    ♥Did a thorough vaccum with Mr. Dyson and let him get under my......sofa (rawr!) we moved furniture and got into the cracks of things. It was so romantic.
    ♥ Laundry, laundry...did I mention laundry? It haunts me. Tomorrow we continue the laundry saga and get more done. It's like...why do we have so many items of clothing? Last night we changed Griffin's sheets only to find a HOARD OF CLOTHING stashed in his bed. He has a high bed, this was a week's worth of stash in there. o.m.g. I could have cried.
    ♥ Bathrooms. I did them, oh yes I did.
    ♥ Did a huge vaccum in the office and got rid of a few odd things that were bugging me in here. I still need to do the desks but honestly I didn't have the energy to.

    That was my day, since I am still recovering from this strange head cold thingy and yesterday spent the day in bed NOT WORKING (which equals no money) as I had been up all night with a throbbing head. I felt awful, which is hence why I didn't phone you as promised yesterday. But tomorrow I will call in the morning (YOUR morning) to see how you are. I should have most of my voice back not cracking like a druggy by then. ♥

  2. Why does gorging on candy corn suddenly seem like all I want to do?

  3. Mes-I thrive on your Mondays, it satisfies the part of my illness that thirsts for cleaning frenzies when there really isn't anything left to clean in my own house and I'm thisclose to going door-to-door. You did hell fab lady, just don't wear out our baby, though he's smiling in there I promise. I hate finding kids' stashes. Bathrooms too? You is Superwoman! It's okay that you didn't call, I ended up calling Bingo for 4930750925705 kids at a halloween party, and yes I dressed up, shhh... This morning I need to vacuum my car and take a shower, so those would be the only two things which could make hearing the phone difficult. And, we both know that is when you'll call. No matter, rest up so you can regale me with more clean sweeps next time.♥♥♥

    Jennifer-Subliminal suggestion, I am evil. They're disgusting, I eat a lot of them every year. It's the wax.♥♥♥