Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wash Out Wednesday

Today's focus, in case my headline left any doubt, is washing. Wait don't leave. This will be easy and rhythmic because we'll fill one bucket and make our way through.


-Fill up a bucket that won't break your neck to schlep from one room to another.

-Use hot soapy water and get something scrubbier than a rag.

-Get your washer going.

-Fill and run your dishwasher.

-Set your timer for 20 mins and wash, really wash your kitchen, especially floors, which ought to be done last, after your counters, back splashes, appliances, stove tops, oven faces, microwave exterior (oh, be sure to have put your microwave tray in the dishwasher when you loaded it), refrigerator, crevices, and if there's any time to spare, wash out your microwave.

-Next travel to your dining table and take not prisoners. Feel free to use a toothpick as well, for those cracks. Don't forget chairs.

-If you don't already hate me, venture into at least your front bathroom. Toss the mats into the wash heap, and after washing out the sink, get to those floors, and finally, give the tub a non-suicide-inspiring wipe and visit the toilets.

-Finally, wash your front door.

Or come over and have coffee with me. It's a home day, which I liken to having bamboo rods shoved up my fingernails. I've got the good stuff, and if a washer and dryer waiting to be hauled away, on the back porch, don't scare you, come on over, I may even bake something.

Wash wash wash, you'll thank me, I swears.


  1. I did some thinking last night on all my excuses for why I don't get rid of more stuff and decided that it was really "all or nothing thinking"--i.e. I don't have enough time to tackle EVERYTHING so I tackle nothing. Enough of that. I have a new plan. Whenever I am in a room, I am finding 10 things to get rid of. Repeat ad nausem. Perhaps forever. So far I've gotten rid of things in the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room.

  2. Bethany-STANDING OVATION!!! Hooooooraaaaaay!

  3. I got a few things done today. . .

    -laundry and dishes of course. . .
    -cleaned up dog poop from the yard. . .('scuse me while I VOMIT!)
    -mowed backyard
    -cleaned my kitchen counters
    -cleaned my kitchen floor
    -vacuumed downstairs AGAIN
    -cleaned kitchen window
    -vacuumed upstairs
    -picked up 98320345323452348978970.5 toys!
    -baked zucchini, raisin, oatmeal cookies

  4. I suffer from all or nothing as well... I'm in a weird place lately with life just SO different.

    I CAN tell you that this week I've eaten home cooked meals (ramen and bagels do too count). I've washed a few random loads of laundry, folded some, ran a dishwasher load and took out trash and recycling.

    Saturday I rearranged my living room and I really want to answer your quiz but I'm lame...

  5. Jennifer-LOL! Suffering from all or nothing is my new slogan. I'm totally stealing it and taking all the credit. Um, hells yeah Ramen counts, in fact it counts so much I'm being offered my own show for inventing so many uses for it. Random laundry rocks. So like, you have socks but no underwear. That can be awkward, but it's okay! The quiz will always be there, some night when you have insomnia and your computer gives you that come hither look. :) You rock.