Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Threshold Thursday

I've got some rebels on my hands. Seriously, you guys can't be out crunching fall leaves 12 hours a day. They're a bitch to track in the house by the way.

And if you're gulping down pumpkin spice lattes you ought to have plenty of energy to kick some ass.

So let's get moving.

My house is clean so I will just be wiping it down to its bone marrow, keeping blasted debris off surfaces, and dustingfortheloveofgod.

Your challenge is to post three things you've done, and the one thing that is making your clean routine so hard these days. Some of your circumstances I know, and you have a free pass, but the rest of you, speak up. Remember this isn't insurmountable, but it requires baby steps at the very least. Several of you text me pictures of your successes and I love that. You can also post them here. But as the weather gets all dark, we mustn't succumb to that which we hate--dirt and disorder.

Please excuse this horrible pun, it's so bad I might shoot myself, but let's fall back into some momentum, starting now.

Dazzle us all!


  1. I HAVE A TODDLER. That is all. That and my own slobby slothly ways are all that stand between me and organization.

    1)I cleaned the kitchen. I HAVE KEPT THE KITCHEN CLEAN(ish) for TWO WEEKS NOW. I will accept my gold star now.
    2)I helped K8 with L and helped her clean a tiny
    3)I cleaned bathroom including the tub

  2. -Today I vacuumed again
    -hung curtains on my front window
    -folded a load of laundry
    -cleaned the kitchen
    -visited with a friend who cam over
    -paid bills

    What's holding me back lately? Very little actually. I have been quite productive and have even been keeping up on things lately. . . However, I don't always get on to post.

  3. Bethany-Yes, toddlerdom is the antithesis to cleanliness, so you have earned your gold star and then some. You are so generous to be helping a friend what with the little Cleaning Nazi and her cattle prod. A clean bathroom is worth a thousand words--none of which I can think of right now because I am literally asleep.

    Dawna-You always impress and make me feel like a filthy sloth. You keep me on my toes, except for right now when I am on my face, typing by key memory. There is no excuse for not posting though, lol.

    Well done ladies, Moxie is happy.

    We had a crushing blow of sorts so I lost some steam and my GPS cleaning navigator, so it was just random things throughout the day. All laundry is done, all floors wiped on hands and knees, bath mats had their spa treatment, kids helped the place from being condemned so we could just sit in a stupor and contemplate the injustice of life without an audience of dust. We did, however, manage to lose a movie, and we never lose anything, so we were all in a dither. Aside from that, pretty much caught up, though morning is sure to illuminate seven million things I didn't notice today. Sigh.