Sunday, November 1, 2009


  1. I hope you're feeling better, today was a beautiful day and a good chance to enjoy a breath of fresh air. We did! We had a nice family day-got NOTHING done around the house but we did spend some time together and get out of the house. Thinking of you. <3 {hugs} <3

  2. I'm almost ready to call you. Just a few more days to let my voice rest up and I'll be straight on that phone. Miss you like crazy, love you even more ♥

  3. In honor of you, and how your words of wisdom are always ringing in my ears... even when I ignore them with EVERYTHING I have... I present to you...

    I got up early on Sunday, I took apart a dresser, I wrapped gifts, I broke down cardboard boxes, I removed 2 bags of garbage from my house, I put 3 little girls to work picking up the living room and one big boy to work cleaning his room, I tackled the corner from hell in my living room and can now actually USE my file cabinet. I decluttered my kitchen, vacuumed the crumbs out of the drawer under my stove and wiped it out. I reorganized a cupboard to free a shelf for more pantry space. I had lots of help from my sister who vacummed, picked up and swept other parts of my house.

    After a housefull of people for dinner I sat down and sorted out my children's candy, throwing away crazy stuff like spider rings, etc and sorted through my mail. The only area I failed on was laundry but I have faith. Oh, and I need to take my recycling out so I can shred.

    Hope you are well soon!

  4. Dawna-Sounds like you had a much-needed day of relaxation with your family--good for you for taking a break from superwomandom (super awkward word-dom).

    Mesina-I'm glad the cat got your tongue when it did. Holy shit you are in for such a tale. Hope you're resting, but cleaning in manic spurts when you can, since it's all about me. Have you ever sent me pics of a tour of your flat? We were going to do that but I think I was overcome with shame about my shit hole and refused to speak to you for like a year. Oops. How's our baby? Fuck I'd give anything to be there. It's not fair that your kids are British and mine aren't. Just for that, clean your refrigerator.

    Jennifer-Dismantling dressers? Ooooh I love wrapping gifts, not so much the boxes, but I am excessively fond of getting rid of garbage. Or anything really. "Corner from hell" made me pee my pants but I think we need to have an intervention about how often you guys clean Elijah's room. I mean aren't there angels singing in there by now? Making space in the cupboard, sweeping, sorting mail (ie-CLUTTER), and dealing with some heap of candy. You win a prize. When you're hot you're hot, and sista, you's hottt. Keep it up, and I will set you up with Kris Kristofferson.

    Way to stay afloat ladies, I am impressed.