Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall-a-la-la la Friday

This picture is a safeguard for Dawna and Debe, who couldn't get their work done for all the swooning over John Mayer (half gag). Gary Busey ought to keep you offline for a looong time.

Mox-cateer Susannah urged me to remind you all of your seasonal duties, such as cleaning gutters and raking leaves. This shit is so far beyond my realm I will simply leave it at that and y'all can feel the love or kick through the wet leaves all winter. Also, she asks that someone come fell her really ugly Ash tree, and Debe has requested an answer to a question I have LONG pondered: Why are there always crumbs in the silverware tray? Seriously, why?

My list for today consists of:

-Making all beds.

-Doing the dishes.

-Folding laundry.

-Cleaning up heaps of blankets which feel like war-torn Bosnia.

-Wipe down the kitchen.


-Wipe down back bathroom, contemplate why women's shit sprawls out and takes over any and all types of space.

-Wash my borrowed Snuggie.

-Clean out my purse.

-Answer emails.

-Ignore everything outside because wtf?

-Pull some lint roller magic.

-Watch movies.

Feel free to borrow from this list or hop to this:

-Basics by the balls! OMG how embarrassing.

-Susannah say, clean up your yard. I quibble. You decide.

-De-clutter three surfaces.

-Organize your tea, because it's fall or whatever.

-Stop dropping/tossing/leaving your shit by the door when you walk in, as we is not apes.

-Clean under the tvs.

-Dust computers and wipe all cords. Susannah just pulled some alien pod thing that hides all your cords and omg I'm breaking into Costco immediately to buy a thousand of them. She just did this demonstration and get those.

Do it all!


  1. Well John Mayer didn't do a damn thing for me. Perhaps it is because at this point I am a walking, raging hormone that needs a pretty awesome man to catch my attention. Thus I would like to point out, Maurice is freaking exhausted. HAHA...sorry I had to...*slinks*

    ANYWAY! Cleaning, which is the entire point of this here post, is going well. I've kept up on the basics and the house has stayed pretty tidy indeed. Today was just basic chores and relaxation, something I've totally earned for a friday. I also ordered some prints online which arrived today (in record time I might add!) and framed a few and swaped pics around in the livingroom to make it look all nice and updated. It looks great.

    I am so glad someone else asked that damn question, cos I have always wondered how crumbs get into the silverware drawer....who the freaking hell eats over the drawer!?!? WHO?!?! :)

  2. OMG-I think I might have nightmares now. . .s. c. a. r. e. y!

  3. Jesus H., if ever there was a reason to wear a helmet while riding, Gary is it...but that's for another blog. LOL.

    I had the cause of those crumbs, but alas, it was shot down for logical reasons involving aging fruitcake and Christmas mice.

    Busy day at work precluded much cleaning, but I did take a moment to get rid of several old and nasty looking Tupperware containers. They really do look best when they haven't endured the microwave 1,005 times.

  4. Mes--Thank you for not leaving me stranded on Not in Lust With John Mayer Island. And for rubbing Maurice in my face, er, um, you know what I mean? Freudian slip?

    Basics: check. Tidy: check. New pics: Bonus. I love you updating photos on the wall. I mustn't have my baby growing in squalor nor stale decor.

    The silverware conundrum is all the buzz now. Thanks for that!

    Dawna--Isn't he lovely?

    Anonymous--You seemed confident about the crumbs, though your theory was patently preposterous. Tell me, do you know why people say "Jesus H. Christ?" Was Jesus' middle name Henry? Just curious.

    Ditching nasty Tupperware is rad, especially when you capitalize Tupperware, and exaggerations divisible by five are the best!

    My efforts were slim today, as my gracious hosts were intent on keeping me in Mint Juleps and the state of not lifting a finger, except to rape their iTunes account. I did wipe down the kitchen, and the computer station, and organize the bathroom, which really, should make women ashamed. Even a harried, bare-bones packing job involves seven kits and burgeoning bags of assorted clothing, like 18 sweaters and a pair of yoga pants, but no underwear. I LOVE that!

    I got a lot done online, and have worked out to-do lists for the kids, since Todd is inclined to do it all himself when I'm away.

    I was also the hero of getting Quinn's hair fixed, when he was too shy to ask for a fix.

    That's about it. Do as I say, not as I do...or don't do. :)