Thursday, November 19, 2009

Throw in a Towel Thursday

(Clip art as suggested by Debe--if you call a gun to my head a suggestion. I'm not sure how John Mayer factors into cleaning, except by lulling you into a nap and waking up with hell of laundry and dishes and hungry children staring at you. Thanks Moxling Debe!)

I thought you were all just whiners, but like fuck, it really doesn't end does it? I can count on one hand the number of times I've looked around our cramped quarters and thought, "This is it, it's done." And then my dopamine shifted or some shit and I could feel the walls growing a mustache of dust omg omg omg.

So yeah, I'm starting to get why y'all feel like it's all for naught, which I accidentally misspelled while pecking out the blog at 4am en route to San Francisco. Hello, I know the difference between not/naught but Debe's phone gives me epilepsy and rapid rage. (It's real--check it out.)

What can we do to make our efforts more meaningful?

Um, Debe said, "Clean your fucking house." While I may be unified on principle, I obviously have to be more diplomatic. But like, cleaning does not overwhelm me so it's really hard to encourage you faithful readers, because I don't know which messes render you most paralyzed.

Give me some input.

Today's challenge is to conquer the SINGLE greatest obstacle in your home, make a list of what troubles you most, and POST IT!

I cannot help you if I don't know. Knowing is half the battle.



  1. Thanks Debe-for the clip art suggestion, YUMMY! So really? Now I'm supposed to go clean? . . .Only if he's coming over! ;-)

    Seriously though, yesterday while I was out working in the garage the kids were moving about the house in a whirlwind like grace making messes so today I must deal with the aftermath-and I'm hoping to get a couple more small things done in the garage today as well. Baby steps.

    Happy cleaning!

  2. Dawna--Are you and Debe conspiring to turn Moxieclean into a John Mayer fan club to get out of cleaning? I know your tricksey plots. Garage? Ick, I never venture there, kudos.

    I got Quinn's hair cut and cleaned some Funions off the floor of Debe's car so my kids could get in. Other than that, I sucked. But I basked in residual cleanliness.

  3. Chey,


    To your basking in residual cleanliness!!