Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slacking ScarJo Sunday, By Request

This stunning lady wearing the closest thing to a black cami I could find, comes by request from one of our male Moxlings, the unsung hero dads who kick ass at home too. I received a message asking if only the female readers were rewarded with scintillating clip art bribery and said no way, name your poison. Besides, a lot of my female readers are in love with ScarJo too, lol.

Since the comment conundrum continues, I'm not as aware of where everyone stands these days. With the holiday coming, I want to help encourage a little prep each day so as to avoid the Wednesday night pandemonium. I don't cook so I am utterly useless on the stove top, but I can clean, and I can tell you to clean!

So clean:

-Let those appliances work their magic and hightail it into your dining area. Start by surveying the room and isolating anything you would not want guests to see nor to appear in pictures, and remove them from the room, anywhere.

-De-clutter the area.

-Wipe down walls, shelves, pictures, and finally, the table and the chairs, with something good-smelling.

-Find two things that you do not need on your kitchen counter and put them away.

-Get out some of the items you will need for the holiday and stack them neatly in the corner of your counter, again, getting you one step closer to commencement.

-If you're having guests, consider rearranging your living room furniture a bit to facilitate easier conversation, a.k.a. drunkenness.

In non-Thanksgiving news:

-May as well organize your pots and pans, since you'll be digging in them soon.

-Visit your bathroom and attack that porcelain, followed by mats, counters, re-stocking, etc.

-Windex any three mirrors.

I've gotten some sweet traditions, but try posting them too, the comment thing is starting to piss me off.

Okay, she's pretty, get over it and hit the suds.


  1. Comment problems? No, it's just that people know the real you.

  2. SJ! OMFG! I'm sooo gonna clean now. Pictures soon! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Jo (a.k.a Nice Anonymous)

  3. ew, why would someone be such an icky anonymous?
    not to mention chicken-shit. ew. my guess is she had a jealous ugly heart in middle school too...

  4. LOL. I think Anonymous might have poked the sleeping tiger one too many times . . . tiger by the tail? I think so!