Monday, November 23, 2009

Mega Monday

Seriously, is this the cleanest drain you've ever seen or is this the cleanest drain you've ever seen? This pic was submitted--successfully!--by Dobby, one of the rare Y-chromosomes who steers the cleaning ship at home. Rarer even than the chupacabra. What i appreciate about Dobby is his earnest appreciation of the blog, his incessant, er, enthusiastic texting, and complete and total disregard for the assigned tasks. I say vacuum, he polishes his toothpaste tube. I say clean your bathroom, he cleans an air filter. I think he may have Asperger's. But it's cool. Clean is clean.

I did today's cleaning last night because Mesina is calling me in the morning--after she cleans--and I will be consumed for six hours.


-Mopped five floors.

-Vacuumed 5,000 sq. ft.

-Wiped down half a kitchen.

-Cleaned 1.5 bathrooms.

-Gave miles of baseboards the what-for.

-Cleaned up some unmentionable debris.

You should:

-Bust out the basics.

-Bust out the broom.

-Bust out the Windex.

-Bust out the Ajax.

-Bust out your inner anti-clutter side.

-Bust out a round of applause for yourself.

Get serious people, that turkey's getting restless.


  1. do house elves experience performance anxiety?

  2. Alright. . .so how many times did you vacuum your home to equal 5000sqft??? ;-)

  3. Dobby--You tell me. Elves are pros so I doubt it. I assume we're talking about cleaning...

    Dawna--It's not a matter of times, it has to do with whose house it was!

    Today I wiped down the bathroom, made the bed, wiped down the shower, scrubbed the back vanity including both sinks, and christmas shopped galore--hooray!