Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday Turkey Countdown....

Time is ticking ladies, and Dobby, until the week culminates in a grand feast for which we slave and sweat, only to be left with one hell of a mess and more leftovers than will ever fit in the refrigerator. Is my paper-thinly-veiled Thanksgiving hype inspiring you all? Then let the lovely matriarch martyr pictured above to find our inner indefatigable domestic sides and clean our ever-loving asses off for what essentially amounts to dinner on steroids. Though let it be noted that I would never discount stuffing, as long as it didn't live inside the turkey. Okay.

Depending on the grandiose or casual scale of your plans, cleanliness is on everyone's list, as well it should be. Yesterday we (hopefully) addressed our dining rooms a bit, and cleared the kitchen to make way for cooking as an extreme sport. I am skipping Thanksgiving this year in favour of some much-needed attention to other matters, so I am only struggling with my usual impossible, haunting standards. But I had some thoughts for y'all to ease into the big day:

-Set your dishes aside, including silverware.

-If there is anything you can pre-make, DO IT! Crusts, breads (too early?), centerpieces, anything.

-Keep up with the basics. Get all your clothes washed and then watch a movie while you fold.

-Clean mirrors and windows.


-Get any guest quarters prepared.

-Assign which dishes will hold which foods.

-Pick your outfit, if outfits matter to you.

-Charge your camera batteries charged, if pictures matter to you.

-Check back tomorrow for more whip-cracking and cheerleading. :)

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  1. So "Anonymous" has gone AWOL as an official Moxie follower, but don't cry for me Argentina, I'm sure s/he'll still chime in with malevolence from time to time. Incidentally, she has also privatized her unread blog, because weird mean lurkers always pretend they're the ones under fire. Yawn. So rest easy friends who have come to my defense. We can resume CLEANING and support like NOW!