Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Whip it Wednesday!

Naturally, the laptop died just as I was about to get you all ready for tomorrow's festivities. But I couldn't help laugh when I rebooted it just now, and it said, "Well this is embarrassing, Windows didn't shut down properly..." Lol.

So, sorry for the delay. Put on the coffee, turn up some music, even christmas music if you're ready, don that do-rag, and get ready to work some double-time.

Hopefully the dining area is starting to take shape, so the most vital areas, particularly if you're having company, are:

-Finish your dining area.

-Clean up after yourself as you cook, pre-cook, overcook, cook-cook, and give a final scrub down tonight.

-Clean guest bathroom. Ajax in sink, tub, toilet, wash bath mat, sweep/mop the floor, cursory wipe down, clean towels.

-Entryway! You know what to do.

-Vacuum carpeted areas and sweep non-carpeted ones.

-This is fancier than I typically get but light some candles. It's surprisingly soothing, and apparently, I was the last one on earth to discover this.

-Have the youngins pick up errant debris.

-Wipe down knobs/handles.

-Have anti-bacterial gel handy.


Get your camera ready and have a wonderful feast. Don't forget to have everyone talk about what they're thankful for.


  1. know what i just realized this morning? since we are not having company i haven't cleaned at all. my bathroom really needs attention, even if it's just us. add that to my list of things to do today.

  2. Gail--Straighten those towels, STAT!

  3. Tidy goes on the road - out of town for a day, so everything gets folded before leaving, and as (insert non-JS deity) is my witness, it will be folded upon my return! Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful for Moxie!

  4. Dobby--Great packing picture, have a great time in Eugene.

    I reunited with Wendy, my former step sister, whom I've not seen for 22 years (omg omg omg). It was great. She drove from Florence, and we reminisced like nobody's business, and I didn't clean a damned thing, but not to worry, I will be cleaning the entire house tomorrow while Todd and the kids are in WA. I kinda can't wait!

  5. you just don't get tired of that joke do you? :) it was way more than the towel, believe me, but i spruced it up this morning, just for us.