Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What the Wednesday?

You guys, this one wasn't my fault. Our hard drive died yesterday, but because it's my hard drive, it had to die in such a manner as to warrant beckoning all the king's horses and all the king's men to gawk and dissect it before declaring it dead and slapping Todd with a $200 invoice for a new one. He loves unexpected expenses, especially for repairs on things we use constantly (like vehicles) almost as much as he likes my Saturday coffees and how I cannot shut up for 30 hours. Yes the kids have a computer, and I tried posting there but like the mouse fell apart and the ball rolled away and fuck me I gave up. Apparently I am a Walking Technological Disaster as well as Walking Medical Disaster. It's cool. It's never my fault so wtf?

Today I am out of town, this month has been so crazy. I left my house really clean and with upcoming events and homework all ready, Netflix all set, pretty much everything gleaming.

So what is left of today is about you guys--yea! Are you guys still having trouble commenting? I get lots of emails, and texts, but the comments seems to be thwarting our unified front here. Somebody help. I'd try but the person who constructed Moxieclean likely installed some Mission Impossible self-destruction device if I go digging. I also had to sell my soul to satan to get the site meter on, and I cannot get comments via email so I miss a lot of older ones.

Before I conjure up some torture, I wanted to share this link I got this morning. This is such a rad deal, I'm dying of excitement. The sale is generally three for $10.00. The only thing is, I'm not sure if it's restricted holidays scents but damn, it doesn't matter at these prices.

So do that. They make great gifts/stocking stuffers/something to add to a gift bag, and also, um, as soap.

What's left of Wednesday:

-Turn on You Tube and blast Tegan and Sara's Walking with a Ghost, mixed your most beloved and embarrassing 80's shit rock. DO IT!

-The kitchen is alive with you cleaning it! Turn on the water, open the dishwasher, get those dishes moving toward the sink, wipe down counters, cupboards, stove tops, window sill, refrigerator, microwave--put the tray in the dishwasher and wipe it out, sweep the floor, Swiff or mop, spot clean, take extraneous shit off the refrigerator, wipe it down, do away with unnecessary clutter on your counter, take a peek under your sink and see what sort of crap you've hidden under there. Get rid of it. Make your kitchen a place of peace.

-I had better hear that washing machine running. OMG you guys should totally come do a load at my house, our new set kicks ass!

-Literally walk outside and re-enter and pick up the first 25 things you see that are not right, like the back page of a Highlights magazine--"What's wrong with this picture?" Grab a laundry basket, yell at your kids, whatevah yo, just do it.

If you get your kitchen singing, and spruce up your front area, that is a great day, especially since Mesina and Maha are hell of sleeping because everything I touched yesterday broke and touch screen phones are the antichrist.

Make me proud, come on, the holidays are lurking and I already have people asking me to come take care of their problems before Bonnie gets home like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction. In English--y'all think I'll come clean your house for Thanksgiving. And I will, but at least keep things moving until I get there so I'm not peeling some encrusted spatula off your counter, or chipping fettucini off the floor with razor blades. Kapeisch?


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  1. Oh my gosh that IS a great deal!!! I <3 shopping!!