Friday, December 18, 2009

Fa-la-la-la Friday

Okay merry merry Moxlings, we've got a Band-Aid on the computer issues and we need buckle down to get our homes ready to be trashed in exactly one week!

In preparation for our imminent festivities, I have:

-Hell of wrapped. Dreamed of wrapping. Not being able to get edges straight--argh! (In real life my edges are perfect, thank you very much.)

-Scrubbed down the kitchen, in hopes that it will only need one more scouring before christmas dinner ruins everything (happy place, happy place). I scoured the sink, the counters, the dust which lies smugly atop the refrigerator, and swept and Swiffered the floor.

-De-cluttered, perhaps bordering on mania.

-Hung christmas cards with the kids.(Loved yours best Gail, still can't believe Marek is like eight feet tall!)

-Folded laundry.

-Dusted/Windexed computers and tvs and mirrors.

-Swept out laundry room.

-Culled a few clothing items out of the kids' room without them knowing. They are becoming increasingly suspicious of my 'innocently' wandering into their room, emerging like a blur with unspecified bundles in my arms.

I am more than 50% finished with my wrapping, 90% finished with purchasing, and of course, an OCD mind is never finished cleaning.

I still need to:

-Sweep/organize porch.

-Text Quinn to vacuum and do toilets before art class. I pay him extra for doing these on top of his regular chores. The kid is thorough, lifting up ottomans, all chairs, throw rugs--omg he shaved this week, but that's another blog.

-Text Reilly to make sure their floor is clear for the Kirby. She does not get paid extra for this, since it is she who accumulates piles of clothes she hopes to re-wear, and I worry that they are rotting, so I have to keep on her with a cattle prod.

-Text Todd to mail in Netflix movie.


-Art class.

-Wrap Quinn's presents while Quinn's at Deborah's.

-Fucking shampoo the fucking carpets, since I am convinced the puppy (Bella) has poisoned it with something like Hanta virus, in spite of the fact that she is training quite well. I hate shampooing. Moving all the furniture? Come to think of it, Todd's the one who said yes to Bella...

-Windex outer windows and stop pretending the rain is good enough.

-Get rid of more of my own clothes, scratch my closet's eyes out. Ack.

I'm sure my back will be on fire by this point, so I'll reward it for holding together another day with some hard liquor with friends, and then really get busy tomorrow for Manic Cleaning Saturday.

Por mis amigos:

-Gather all laundry lurking in every corner and lead a mass exodus into the laundry room, where they will remain until they've been beaten, battered, and dried.

-Round up dishes in a similar manner. Load, soak, stack, cuss at your pans, wipe your counter, and sweep/Swiffer your floor.


-Clear ten things out of the room in which your tree shines brightly.

Might you?

-Hang stockings?

-Arrange the presents Aunties and Grandmas already sent.

-Select your children's christmas dinner/service clothes and make sure they are washed, dried, and hung today, safely away.

-Take a few pictures. Your kids will shoot up like Marek by next year. You'll thank me.

That's a full day. Start with coffee, end with a comment. Come on folks, time's ticking, let's catch this train up!

And again, let me know if you need christmas music!!! Have bad-ass music, will ship!


  1. Music . . . I'll take one CD, please. Pics? Oh, a Canon 85mm f/1.8 is due here by Saturday, and I soooo cannot wait. Bokeh, bokeh, wherefore art thou? Oh, in the FedEx Box! LOL. Off to clean, glad you're back!


  2. I can attest to the awesomeness of the CD! Yay for GOOD Christmas music.

    I love the idea of decluttering the room with the tree. I noticed lots of unpleasantness in my living room when I snapped photos of the tree this morning.