Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

One way to organize presents is to separate the ones that got eaten by the new puppy, who escaped from her crate while you were gone, from the ones that didn't. Grrr...

It typically takes me a while to integrate all my new goodies into my life, but that is my goal today. This will require me to clean out the cupboard under my sink in the dual vanity, and possibly the side of my closet wherein I keep boxes, tissue, bows, and things of that useful nature. These tasks make me shudder. Going outside in the frigid air to vacuum my car and then Debe's before she wakes up? Not a problem. So yeah, new stuff = serious serious cleaning in places long forgotten, but if I can maintain the stamina, perhaps via caramel brulee latte, I can do it before Todd gets home from the coast. I've been deep cleaning for four days, partly because he deserves to return to a glistening home after what he's been through, and you know, partly because I will gnaw my tongue off if it doesn't get done.

Did anyone know one puppy = 5,099 toys and scraps reassigned as "toys?" It does.

We don't decorate our home for christmas, out of respect for Todd, but since he was gone this year I hung lights, which was a smashing success. I am not taking them down. The goddamned puppy ate my presents, I deserve them. But I will take down all the cards, saving the photos, and force my children to make room for their new things, even if it means ditching old stuff.

I have lists for them, and a monster for myself, and I will get it done, even though I fell asleep watching Lost and couldn't muster the energy to go to bed until my bladder got up and started walking on its own.

What are you all doing today? Taking the tree down? Leaving it? Still hosting company? Three things I'm sure could be helpful in any home today are:

-Putting away all gifts and recycling all packaging.


-Making use of leftovers.

-And the basics, if you love me.

I may check back in, for I have notions so grandiose I will end up winning some sort of medal for my achievements today, or collapse and die. I've had my protein shake, got my iPod on, and donning my gloves now. Wish me luck, and let me know what you did.

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