Sunday, December 20, 2009

Steady Sunday

Tick tock tick tock, must stay busy.

Some of you are done shopping, some are just beginning, but today I'd hoped to toss out some ideas that strike a balance between slowing things down a bit in preparation for what is sure to be a slammin' week, and feeling the satisfaction of getting some things done, both of a household nature as well as holiday.

Once you slide off facebook and outta that chair, assuming you've had your morning drip or guzzle), and SOME FOOD, consider:

-Keep your washing machine humming.

-Load the dishwasher, keep all dishes moving towards the sink to soak, wipe down counters, appliances and floors.

-Have your kids pick their things up and take everything to their room.

-Vacuum all carpeted flooring.

-Pour some more coffee, distract the wee ones, and set a wrapping goal. Whether it be stocking stuffers, the few things you really don't want to risk being discovered, big things, little things, the goddamned gigantic Tonka truck Debe insists I have wrap, whatever it is, just start wrapping. Wrap for at least an hour, then stash all your supplies...unless you hit a groove and find yourself wrapping on.

-Some dusting and de-cluttering ought to round out this, not slow, but moderate, Sunday.

-Bear in mind the imminent influx of retail madness in the form of boxes and shreds, in five short days, and just clear, clear, clear as much as possible.

-Enjoy some music, enjoy some eats, enjoy some kids, and TGI(not)F!

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