Monday, December 21, 2009

Tear it up Tuesday

OMG I accidentally stumbled upon, well, tripped and fell and skinned my face on this terrible, unconscionable show about hoarding. Ahhh.

To that end, today's system is quite simple:





-Make a list, check it thrice.

-Listen to music.

-Stay comfy.

-It's good enough!


  1. For those of you who don't see my facebook posts, 4+4=8. . .
    That's how many children were in my house from 9-2:45 today. By the time it was time for them to go home my house looked so insanely atrocious that I felt sick to my stomach and psychotic. Thankfully their mother recognizes my neuroses and is sensitive to them and was sweet enough to swoop in and save me from breakdown.
    Toys, toys, toys, and fighting with my eldest. I simply asked her to help pick up some stuff and was met with backtalk and arguments. She is presently in her room (until it is clean) screaming her six year old lungs out. I'm beginning to feel bad for her but for pitty sake, we ALL have to clean up!!!! s.t.u.p.b.o.r.n . . .

    As for me, I'm wiped out!

  2. Dawna--I love psychotic. That must have been one hell of a day. But you afforded that other mom five hours and 45 minutes of sanity, perhaps at the expense of yours. The truest kind of gift. But blimey, I'd rather give a Starbucks gift card, lol.

    Today I woke up staring down the business end of a mean fucking list, which required lengthy driving and accepting that I don't always get a parking space three feet from the door, paved in gold.

    Will be wrapping all night. I caution you all against offering to wrap all the gifts of everyone you know, just sayin, lol.

    Tomorrow: A return, one last minute thing (how many last minute things can there be?), more wrapping, scouring my house, getting waxed, charging the camera, and hosting a movie party in the pm. So yeah, good thing I like psychosis right?