Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Wee Bit of Wednesday

Okay Moxlings, it's crunch time, and I know you're all on your own respective paths to baking, wrapping, last minute dashes to Walgreens and everywhere else on the spectrum of holiday readiness.

Just a friendly Moxie reminder that a few minutes spent doing some things you don't want to do will make everything else easier.

For instance:

-Basics, they don't celebrate christmas.

-Open up space wherever you can, especially where you'll be wrapping or unwrapping.

-Wipe down scowling surfaces.


-Make sure fron bathroom is clean.

Time for some Jingle Bell Rock. Dig it.


  1. Thankfully no work tomorrow so I can stay up later than the munchkins and wrap today.

    I did my own version of Manic Sat on Sunday, even setting an alarm to rise early. I've been tackling laundry all week, saving it in a large pile in my living room for folding.

    I will set alarm to rise early tomorrow as well and tackle my bathroom and then other than trying to keep up with stuff I can rest this weekend. In theory anyway...

  2. Jennifer--Your house showed evidence of all your recents efforts, I could definitely tell you've been kicking some ass. Last minute wrapping is a mixed bag. It can be so festive with a good movie and things to nosh, or it can break your back, rob you of sleep, and prompt you to swear off christmas forever. Let's hope for the former. Good job on all the cleaning, and if you can steal away to join our wrap-a-thon anytime before christmas, I'll be here, curling ribbon until my fingers bleed. :)