Monday, December 7, 2009

Tedius Tuesday

You knew it was coming. One of these days I was bound to notice that you've neglected your window sills and ceiling fans for far too long. Today's the day.

I don't know what I'll find upon my return, as Todd had built a veritable prison for Bella out of our furniture before I left, because if she has one accident one the carpet we will ... well it just can't happen. Also there was newspaper, and like a crate and food dishes in the house. That's an awful lot of accoutrements for a puppy the size of my hand, damn. I hope she is all trained and says please and thank you by 3:30.

Suffice it to say, I will fill whatever gaps await me. I already know I need to:

-Rid our cupboards of mugs and glasses. Todd called pleading with me to thin out our Starbucks collection, and reminded me that four POM glasses breaking does not equal an urgent need for 700 random glasses I find when perusing Target.

-Shampoo the carpet, depending on the Bella report.

-Get all laundry done and folded.

-Find homes for the kids' outgrown clothing. I'm so sick of consigning.

-Vacuum/detail the car.

-Put all clothes away.

-Wonder why getting rid of 40% of my clothing afforded me no space.

-Organize christmas presents, as I've collected things from everywhere.

-Change bedding.

-Sweep. (Todd forgets.)

But for you my pretties:

-All laundry. Serious.

-All dishes. Serious. Anything screaming for a new home? Anything chipped or broken = buh-bye.

-All window sills, obviously, lol.

-Ceiling fan(s), or A/C vents, heat vents. Just all things Venti, hee hee. (I've been eating there since he was in the Reed and Todd rides with Dino, so there.)

-Baseboards. This includes the wood as well as the little strip of carpet alongside the wood you know the vacuum snubs.

-Fixtures, you'll thank me.

-Do five things that are aesthetically pleasing to you. Anywhere.

That's a wrap. Better right? You know it. A Moxieclean christmas is a merry christmas indeed. :)


  1. awwww. . .a puppy! Gee, you should'a told me you were in the market, I could have set you up. . .lol

  2. Our boiler packed up and decided to totally not work just to piss me off. Soooo, I have no heating. It's too FRIGGING COLD TO CLEAN! But I did the basics so as not to fall behind, then I spent the day under a blanket and in my bathrobe reading. I'll report back when the boiler is done having it's way mocking me......that's one more on the shit list!

  3. Dawna-Have we met? I was not in the market, I got out-voted.

    Mes-That's shit. But I love thinking of you reading under a wait, it's ME I like to think of reading under a blanket. Selfish!

    My cleaning efforts were confined to packing up my hotel room, cleaning the water bottles and Starbucks cups out of the car, doing all the post-trip laundry, and helped clean the dog bite on my little buddy's face. Oh, then I polished off two plates of the best baked ziti in the world.