Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

In honour of today being the due date of Debe's baby girl, Sidney Josephine, whom she lost two months ago, I will be putting cleaning in its proper place and will be supporting my friends as best I can. Today is also Kris' birthday. Sigh.

Please join me in sending love and strength to Debe and Kris as they cross this painful threshold. And it was just yesterday they had to take baby Sorren to the ER to get plastic surgery on a wicked dog bite to the face. These are fragile times, for so many people.

So, before worrying about the house today, please do something to remind yourself of what's really important. Light a candle, put up a new picture on your refrigerator, watch a movie with your kids, order take-out, get some footage of your kids on your phone or camcorder, anything.

Relax and enjoy your coffee, don't feel guilty about staying on facebook three hours longer than you meant to. (Though tomorrow I will shame you for it.)

As for cleaning, just do what you can. Don't set goals that are likely to frustrate you. Be grateful you have a home in which to contain your excess, be glad you're eating, be glad you're children are warm and healthy. And be glad you don't have a new Dachsund, I'm just saying.

This wasn't meant to be some philosophical blog obviously but Debe is a dutiful Moxling whose loss has affected me greatly, so I will assert my prerogative and devote today's efforts and thoughts to our friends.

Take it easy. Do what's doable. Tomorrow we'll discuss how this holiday doesn't have to breathe down your neck like some bloodthirsty monster. It can actually help ease the cleaning hysteria. No really.

Feel free to post anything you may have done today though. :)


  1. I will be thinking of Debe and Kris all day today. What a difficult time for them, not to mention plastic surgery on their little one?! oh no! I hope life takes a calmer tone for them in the new year.

    My love to you all, today I will be cuddling my little Willow and putting up the christmas tree with the kids and Maurice when he arrives home. xx

  2. sigh . . . not a moment goes by today that i'm not thinking of all of you and hoping you somehow find your strength. not much to say today but that d and k are surrounded by a lot of people who wish the best for you.


  3. A difficult day and year for all involved. Sending healing thoughts.

  4. sending loving thoughts and prayers. so sorry for their unimaginable loss.