Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whittling Down Wednesday

Some of you whisked away your trees and glittery things faster than the Grinch absconded with everything in Whoville, while others leave things up through the New Year, while still others have "Take tree down" on their pre-valentines day to-do lists. That said, I am hard-pressed to advise y'all on the clean up of christmas, so I shall restrict my admonishments to matters of the home.

Today my to-do swallowed me whole, so I'm typing this from its belly. Good god.

So far I have:

-Made the bed.

-Taken out the trash.

-Organized closet.

-Checked to make sure we have all the gift cards we're using.

-Showered after fifteen people threatened my life.

-Later I need to do some major online stuff. Someone kill me. I loathe HTML.



-Washing machine.

-Windex all mirrors and windows that need it, extra points for exteriors!

-Remove any and all holiday artifacts that you want out.

-Strip/re-make beds.

-Dust up high, five minutes in every room.

-Wipe down doorknobs.

-Put all dishes away and fold all laundry before bed.

-Tuck yourself in with a good book/stiff drink or both, and enjoy a 2009 well lived.


  1. Oh I like the 5 min rule... Will be using today. Gulp. I have a post christmas hangover. (non- alcoholic you know...)

  2. i was wondering if you could do a summary of which chemicals/agents you use for different tasks? i find myself using windex for jobs that i'm sure have a better product . . .

  3. Joy-I lurve the five minute rule, we get so much more accomplished than one would imagine! Nice to see you here.

    Dobby-Are you Greek? Windex is for windows and mirrors. And yes, text me and I shall post a run-down for the new year.