Monday, December 28, 2009

T is for Tuesday, Tinsel, and Tedium

So how's the dismantling going? I still have my lights and cards, do any of you leave a remnant or two or all your trees shivering on the porch like my mom's, lol?

Today's ideas are simple, and as follows:

-Remember idle dishwashers and washing machines are the devil's tools.

-.Remember so is tinsel.

-Wrap up ornaments.

-Sweep up evidence of the tree.

-Take down stockings with care.


-Clear two surfaces.

Now reward yourself with something yummy! We'll get through this!


  1. i put half of the stuff away yesterday. i leave up christmas pics for a while, and we'll take down the tree this weekend. i'm still enjoying that but couldn't wait to clear off the mantle.

  2. Our tree will also stay up until the weekend. But I have slowly started to pack things away.

    I also,
    trimmed girl hair-x2
    did dishes
    scrubbed kitchen floor
    shrank the table

  3. Gail-I never have any doubt that your dismantling, of the mantle and more, with proceed right on schedule. :)

    Dawna-You rock the doing-it-all-and-making-it-seem-easy gig lady! Colour me impressed.

    Today I washed bedding, organized bathroom counter, wiped down windows, straightened night stand, took a six hour nap, and made several appointments.