Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tah-Dah Tuesday, Moxling Showcased!

I asked you guys to fill in the survey describing your love-hate/love-love/hate-hate relationship with cleaning, and Dyan's answer made me laugh out loud, as she always does. So today I'm showcasing her survey because I love her so much and she pecked out her answer buried under 7,091 at-risk cats and with eyelids heavier than an anvil.

Thanks Dyan, for always being you (and sometimes being me):

From: Dyan Wilder-McClure
To: lovetocleanup
Date: 9:33 pm
Subj: you asked for it..can vary day to day though
On a typical day, the first chore I think about is_____vacuuming__________________. I usually bypass this by __my stupid busy life_____________________. I finally get to it when __________the animal hair is piled more than 3" deep_________. It takes me ________48____________ mins/hrs before I get into cleaning mode (and by then something else has come up). Normally I go at it with ___.05___% motivation. My top five priorities, regardless of whether or not I get to them, are, in no particular order:
1.___vacuuming (see above)_________________
3.____dishes__(jon's fave though)________________
4.___the bathroom all around_________________
5.____wiping down stuff to disinfect (for goodness sake I have cats on countertops, maybe this goes to priority #1)_________

The one task I'd sooner eat slugs than tackle is_________cleaning litter boxes--or cleaning out my scary fridge_________________. The one task I dream of someone coming to do is___mopping, cleaning my entire house over and over!_________________.

The thing(s) I try never to let slide are_____the wiping down stuff_________________. I do the following everyday_______duh, see previous answer and also vacuuming_______________.

The tasks which I find to be the easiest are___delegating to jon___________________, ___picking up stuff______________, ____the wiping down thing__________________, etc.

Some things that might motivate me are____guest (horrors and thankfully rare) or a house showing.____________________.

On any given day, a reasonable, satisfying, non-insurmountable routine would look something like:_if i had the time, daily i would
vacuum every room, clean bathroom thoroughly, mop floors if needed, wipe every surface, and even make the bed!__________________________________.

If you get your ass back here, I will mop your floors everyday.

Thanks for sharing.

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