Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Moxie Must

Two disclaimers about this photo: First, my entire body, but specifically the bulge in the pocket of my cardigan. It was Reilly's hoodie. Second, I apologize for the Clorox wipes positioned most prominently and impossible to hide. Todd's mom brought those over and I ripped through them as quickly as possible because Quinn, ever the dutiful lover of polished surfaces, strongly prefers Kirkland wipes, calling Clorox "Flimsy and useless and too wet." So there's that.

Today I thought I'd get your brains churning out some honesty where domesticity is concerned with the following uber-fun quiz/maze/Mad Lib exercise:

Please post your answers, or permit me to post the ones that are emailed/texted to me!

On a typical day, the first chore I think about is_______________________. I usually bypass this by _______________________. I finally get to it when ___________________. It takes me ____________________ mins/hrs before I get into cleaning mode. Normally I go at it with ______% motivation. My top five priorities, regardless of whether or not I get to them, are, in no particular order:

The one task I'd sooner eat slugs than tackle is__________________________. The one task I dream of someone coming to do is____________________.

The thing(s) I try never to let slide are______________________. I do the following everyday______________________.

The tasks which I find to be the easiest are______________________, _________________, ______________________, etc.

Some things that might motivate me are________________________.

On any given day, a reasonable, satisfying, non-insurmountable routine would look something like___________________________________.

Feel free to copy/paste these and send them to my email with your name and I will post them tomorrow.

Do it, you know you want to.

TGIM Moxlings.

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