Sunday, February 7, 2010



I'm not closing the blog, and things are running smoothly technically speaking but, well...

House fires, witch hunts, and surgeries oh my. Sitting with three separate relatives in the hospital on three consecutive nights, culminating in a very scary surgery, taught me that wiping down my counters can wait. I did have amazing support, friends who spruced the house up so I could steam ahead like a locomotive to do what I needed to do to keep my family safe.

I was largely relegated to a mere husk of Moxie, but did manage to:

-Use anti-bacterial gel 97529572039572039570 times.

-Prevent my loved ones from touching anything in the hospital.

-Ask my forever super hero, Reilly, to wash three loads of laundry, since our post-fire threat of nudity was looming large. She sooo came through.

-Buy everyone new micro-fleece blankets because it seemed logical and imperative.

-Wipe down my steering wheel until it nearly evaporated.

-Separate and wash ALL garments that had come within 10 miles of the hospital.

-Took out recycling, mostly by rote, so don't give me any credit.

And finally tonight, in the final stretch of our life lesson in the sanctity of family and health, I:

-Hung what few clothes I have, after speedily buying some new duds beforehand.

-Fold three loads of laundry, as Todd is still incapacitated.

-Swept and mopped the floors.

-Cleared the counters of the pizza boxes which were insurmountable for my loved ones.

-Took out the garbage, which was higher than it has ever been, because I was the only mobile person in the joint.

-Re-situated Quinn's recovery station with fresh blankets, emptying his wastebasket, collected his tea cups, and brought him a Spongebob LEGO set because, um, if you had been through what we have, you'd take your baby to Bikini Bottom.

-De-cluttered, hell of.

-And I even took my girl, the only one who didn't scare the living shit out of me this week, swimming at midnight, because this kid kicked some crisis ass.

I will be resuming Moxieclean just as soon as there is room in my brain. Meanwhile, I have enjoyed your emails and texts, and Nina, I hope your stove and oven are sparkling, and not on fire.

Thank you for your patience and well wishes. I will be storming the house like the beaches of Normandy, as soon as this heart attack subsides.

Health to you, and whatever cleaning you can manage. <3



  1. SO glad to see you back on!!
    I'm sorry that you and your family have been through so much :-)

  2. Oh thanks for updating us!! Been worried, hope you guys are ok. Love and miss you LOADS and just fuckin' get stuff sorted, we're not going anywhere!!!


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  4. Name it: ". . . and like that, poof. He's gone . . ."

  5. You know I'm a sucker for random quotes from The Usual Suspects. Unlike Kaiser Soze, though, I will be back, as soon as I can find a cord for the laptop. I'm beginning to think its existence is a hoax...