Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moxie FAIL!

(Insert riveting excuse for being so busy here.)

As a segue to my special edition on why the fuck people check common sense at the door in public bathrooms, I present this.

Case in point, a restroom/cesspool I had the misfortune of encountering recently in Capitola, CA. By far the worst I have ever seen,. The most disturbing scene is the glass on the toilet. Like, first of all, the cardinal rule is that THERE IS NO FOOD IN THE BATHROOM, even at home. But this? The only way I can resist gnawing my face off at the filthy ignorance of people is to pray that this patron had to guzzle a beer to be able to use the facilities. Oy vey:

Where's my bleach/Lysol/rubber gloves/Xanax? Just so I can sleep.



  1. I would have peed in a bush outside. That's gross. I keep trying to find ways to justify the cup and I can't because it's a public bathroom. (We keep one for when we bathe the baby)

  2. Ugh, god, that was the worst.

    Didn't you go in there to puke? I mean, not that you would've had a choice anyway after entering that torture chamber. Thankfully you were greeted with Pizza My Heart.

  3. And apparently I can't finish sentences.

  4. I cannot wait to get home and actually see this photo! Sadly my bathroom has been left to fend for itself for so long, I won't even mention.

    I plan to tackle it hard tomorrow am!

  5. Kasondra--There was nary a bush in this part of Capitola.

    Debe--Yeah, oddly in all those years, I wasn't able to learn how to stand in such squalor and feel at home. Puking is the only option.

    Hen--There is no way your bathroom could even be related by marriage to this shit hole. Can't wait to see yours. Oh but hide the scale because wihfsdhkldslkdsg.